Maverick the Pit Bull fell in love with baby Mia the first time he set eyes on her. The sweet-natured boy volunteered to be the baby’s nanny dog and keep a vigilant eye on her at all times. As the months passed, baby Mia became aware of the dog’s constant presence in her life. She grew very fond of him and always insisted on spending time with her doting doggie brother!

Source: Bullyandthebabe/Rumble

In this video, we see Mia begging Maverick to play while he’s napping away. Mia gets impatient and demands the dog to wake up. She even shoves her finger in his mouth as she playfully pokes at him to get his attention. But Mia was not ready for the Pit Bull’s unexpected next move!

Source: Bullyandthebabe/Rumble

Maverick is startled when he sees Mia acting so frisky with him. As Mia bends down to hug him, Maverick grabs her shirt and rapidly launches his mouth at her face! Mia is taken aback and she instinctively shifts back. But Maverick is determined to “attack” Mia with his loving licks and kisses!

Source: Bullyandthebabe/Rumble

The world paints Pit Bulls as brutal and gruesome “monsters”, but these dogs are simply obedient creatures who are bound by loyalty toward the people they love. Some people get intimidated by their size, but Pit Bulls raised in a loving family would never hurt a soul. Mia is a lucky girl to have such a fabulous nanny Pit Bull!

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