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May 7, 2021by admin

A lot of misconception has been going around when it comes to dressing up your pups. Quite a number of paw parents oppose this practice as they believe it is unnatural and causes distress to your pups. However, there’s more to it than just dog fashion. Dressing up your fur babies actually carries several benefits that can help not only their well-being but also your relationship with them. Below are a few of the reasons why you should consider putting clothes on your dogs.

dog fashion clothes

Regulate Temperature

Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs can survive with their fur and coats alone. A lot of breeds are not accustomed to the changing temperatures we humans are used to. This is where one of the most obvious benefits of dressing up your pup comes in. 

The cold of the winter can be more bearable for your pets by slipping them into a warm sweater or fuzzy socks. On the other hand, cooling vests come in handy to combat the extreme heat of the summer. These clothing items help your pups get more comfortable, and can prevent some health issues that may be brought about by the temperature.

Improve Hygiene

It’s common for dogs to go playing in the dirt or go rolling in the grass, especially among extroverted and more active breeds. And while this is part of their nature, it sometimes compromises your pup’s overall cleanliness and hygiene. Since dogs don’t clean themselves as thoroughly as cats do, putting them in clothes can do the trick.

Dressing up your active pets in comfortable clothing gives them extra protection by reducing the amount of dirt that could accumulate in their fur. Doing so also makes your life easier as a dog parent, since it lessens the instances of having to groom them and give them baths. Finally, clothes protect your dogs from allergens and bacteria that can cause skin diseases.

Reduce Anxiety

Another reason why you should add dog clothes to your list of puppy must have items is that it reduces anxiety among them. Many breeds get easily anxious especially if they are in their earlier years. This may be brought by several instances of trauma from loud sounds like fireworks or thunderstorms, and in some cases, separation from their owners, too.

Providing comfortably snug clothing for your dogs somehow mimics the sensation of a hug, putting them at ease. Dog clothes, apart from their anxiety-reducing function, also lessens the impact of excessive licking or biting, which dogs are prone to when anxious.

dog fashion clothes

Increase Visibility

A part of maintaining your pup’s health is to walk them or let them run outdoors. In some unfortunate instances, dogs may get too excited exploring the outdoors, causing them to get lost. Depending on the color of their fur, it may be hard to spot them from afar, especially in the dark. Wearing vibrantly colored, high-visibility clothing helps in this situation.

Apart from brightly colored clothes, there are also neon vests that are specially designed for this very purpose. In the same manner that construction workers wear reflector vests to increase their visibility at night, putting your pups in high-visibility vests makes it easier for you and for other people to spot them when you’re walking them at night time.

Strengthen Dog-Human Bond

Dogs can’t clothe themselves. That’s quite a no-brainer. That being said, dressing up requires your assistance as a dog parent. Through the careful, slow, and gentle process of putting clothes on your pups, you are given an opportunity to strengthen your bond with them.

It’s inevitable that you’ll have to pet your fur babies, stroke them, and even rub them playfully as you dress them up. Of course, dogs love these shows of affection from their owners, building their comfortability and trust in you. It also cultivates a nice experience for your dogs, which can lead them to associate dressing up to positive emotions.

Apart from these reasons, it’s also undeniable that pups wearing adorable clothing are just the cutest thing. But while these dog fashion tips provide several benefits, it’s still important to always check your dog’s temperament and reaction to the clothes you put them into, as not all pups get used to the habit of dressing up.


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