Remember when you said you will walk your dog more this year? Now here’s your chance to make good on that promise. We’ve listed down the fun things to do at the best spots, best establishments, and best dog parks and dog-friendly places in San Francisco to visit with your pet. 

San Francisco with Dogs

1. Take a selfie at the iconic Golden Gate Bridge

2. Get a doggy makeover at PAWSH or at Scissor Me Whiskers (call first to set an appointment).

Dog bathing

3. Here’s an idea: drive down to the Embarcadero and get tickets to the Bay Cruise! Yes, it’s touristy but it’s fun! And you can bring your dog.

4. Did you know that there are dog-friendly restaurants like Toronado Pub and Original Joe’s that offer brunch? Eggs and mimosas for you plus an eat-all-you-can doggy treat for your BFF!

Dog at the Bar

5. A little exercise will do favors for your mutt. Check out Crissy Field for casual strolls or Golden Gate Park if you really want to work out a sweat!

dogs in crissy field san francisco

6. Is your pup well-behaved? Then treat yourselves to a shopping spree at Union Square!

Dog shopping

7. Fancy a weekend hotel stay with your furry friend? Hotel Carlton is worth its $399/night stay, but the Axiom Hotel is also good for just around $88/night rate.

Dogs in hotels

8. Speaking about dog-friendly places in San Francisco, did you know that there are off-leash parks in the city like Fort Funston, Alta Plaza, and Mission Creek where your pets can run around and meet other pups? Now you know.

9. There are pet-friendly restaurants, but ever heard of restaurants for pets? Check out Le Marcel Dog Bakery.

pet bakery

10. Getting tired of all the walking around? Grab a cold one at various dog-friendly watering holes like Holy Water (Bernal Heights) and The Homestead (Mission). Pro tip: Dogs make good conversation starters. 

11. Sign up for a driving tour around SFO and check the famous streets and landmarks. Your dog will enjoy the tour with his tongue out and wind in his face.

tour with dogs

12. What? A dog disco? Yes, your eyes are not fooling you. Establishments such as Hard French offer dog day afternoon dance sessions. 

13. Oh yes, there is really such a thing as Dog Yoga. It’s called Doga and you should definitely see what the hype is about!

dog yoga

14. A weekend in the valley is just the thing you and your pup need. Good Dog! Wine Tours not only let you sip and sample all the wine you like, they also take care and teach your dog a thing or two during your stay.

gardening with dogs

15. Need to squeeze in some workout, but you can’t find somebody to watch your dogs? Find a gym that offers a dedicated play area for your little rascals while you shed off some pounds.

16. Perhaps you’re new in town and your dogs need annual vet visits, check out San Francisco Pet Hospital at Fulton Street.

dog medical checkup

17. Sports fans would be glad to know that MLB teams like the Oakland A’s and the SF Giants have dog-themed days! Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until next season for another Bark at the Park.

18. There are also camps for dogs in the city. For a reasonable amount, your pets can play freely to their hearts’ content. 


There are plenty more places we didn’t include in the list. Do you have a dog-friendly place in San Francisco? We want to hear from you. Comment your suggestions below!

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