Soccer players in Gori, Georgia geared up to face each other on the field, but they didn’t expect what would happen next.

In the middle of their match, a very energetic black Labrador Retriever came running onto the field. It’s unknown where the dog came from, but he certainly made it known that he was there to have a good time and wasn’t going to leave until he got some much-needed belly rubs!

The pup ran around the field for several minutes, wagging his tail. He finally plopped down in front of one of the goalkeepers and rolled onto his back, hoping for some belly rubs.

Two medics came onto the field to remove the hyper dog, but he managed to squirm free. They quickly realized that getting the dog off the field would not be an easy task.

Another player tried to get the dog off the field by running along the edge of it with the dog following behind. But as soon as the pup realized the player’s plan, he sprinted off in the other direction.

Eventually, the dog was guided off the field toward the stands. While the pup interrupted the game, he gave everyone a good laugh and some extra exercise!

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