3 Santa Paws Dinner

The Best Christmas Gifts to Get Your Dog

November 11, 2021

With the season of gifts and gingerbread fast approaching, we’re sure that you can’t help but look forward to celebrating it. It’s our second Christmas after the world and life as we knew it, changed. So, you probably want to make the most out of being able to finally celebrate with your family and friends…

dog howling

Common Dog Behaviors And What They Really Mean

November 10, 2021

Do you ever catch your dog doing something weird that makes you wish they could speak so you would understand them? While dogs can’t express themselves through words, their actions speak volumes about how they are feeling and what they are thinking. In this article, we will find out why man’s best friend howls, chases…

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Understanding Noise Phobia in Dogs and 7 Ways to Help Them Overcome It

November 2, 2021

Dog owners everywhere know that loud noises can freak their dogs out. Dogs will run, hide, or bark at anything that makes a loud noise; whether it’s fireworks, car alarms, trucks, or even vacuum cleaners. You can be sure their fight or flight response is triggered with sounds, but you can’t blame them. Fear of…

petey the dog

Dog Passes After Common Mistake, Dog Owner Posts Warning To Save Others

October 20, 2021

We often come to the internet to escape everyday stress. Fun stories and videos depicting cats and dogs doing silly things are our go-to for entertainment. However, we need these stories too. Not to bring us down, but to keep our pets safe and healthy. Sadly, for one dog owner, this story is her reality….

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Preparing for Floods: 20 Dog Safety Tips For Paw Parents

October 18, 2021

Floods are one of the most common natural disasters in the U.S. They can be the result of prolonged rain or snow, but they can also come quickly and without warning. Flash floods can result in damage to your home and property as well as endanger the lives of your loved ones including your dogs….

dog exercise

7 Ways to Keep your Dog Fit and Healthy

October 5, 2021

Get up and get moving in the great outdoors with your favorite furry buddy! As dogs look up to us to make sure they live their life to the fullest, it’s up to us to make sure they stay fed, fit, and healthy. It’ll take more than good food and a place to sleep to…

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Should We Make The Switch to Organic Dog Food?

  How confident are you that the dog food you are feeding your pets is not killing them? Like in humans, what you feed your pets has a profound, and long-lasting, impact on their health. A proper healthy diet can increase the quality, and length, of your dog’s life and it all starts with the…