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Angel is Rescued After She Spent All Her Life in A Filthy Garage

August 17, 2021

Day by day, the amount of dog rescue stories waiting to be heard increases. However, not all stories reach the media. In fortunate circumstances, the stories are published through videos or articles and we get to read up or watch these rescues. We also are provided with information on how we can extend our help….

Pigeon wheelchair dog featured

Watch This Paralyzed Dog React To Her New Wheelchair

Pigeon the pup is living the high life now, thanks to some really loving new parents and a wheelchair. But that wasn’t always the case with Pigeon. This precocious, always-happy dog is paralyzed from the hind legs after getting into a car accident with her previous owners. She suffered a broken back and was left…

Rags World War Dog Hero

The True Story of Rags, the World War I Dog Hero

August 13, 2021

“His choice seems to have been to be with Donovan wherever he was,” one of Rags’ biographers concludes, “regardless of the dangers or even of what Donovan would have preferred…” Abandoned on the streets of Paris, searching for a kind soul to take pity on him, that’s how Rags was found. Like most of the…

dog breeds for babies

These are the Best Dog Breeds for Peoople with Babies

June 10, 2021

When people say that dogs are man’s best friend, they are not wrong. These lovely canines have become a significant part of our families and provide us with unconditional love throughout their lives. As gentle and empathetic creatures, most dog breeds are great companions for babies — some even offer the possibility of a friendship…

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HollyWOOF! 14 Most Famous Dogs on the Big Screen

May 6, 2021

Hollywood may be home to the biggest movie and TV stars we have ever seen. From the likes of Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, and Leonardo DiCaprio, Hollywood has been the definition of the glitz and glam of celebrity spotlight. However, we will be talking about a different group of Hollywood stars today— famous celebrity dogs!…

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Heart-Touching Dog Stories: These Pups Will Make You Believe Again

March 11, 2021

Sometimes, dogs just have a really tough time out in the world, and we see in a ton of dog rescue stories the ordeal these dogs have to go through before they can get help. No matter how much we want it to be better for these pups, the reality is some animals will really…

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