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12 of the Most Rare Dog Breeds in the World

March 8, 2021

We know you’ve always wondered what it must be like to own some of the most rare dog breeds, whether you’re a first-time fur parent or an experienced one. These dogs are extremely hard to find that having one can already be considered an achievement. Are you curious to know what the most rare dog…

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The Ultimate Recommendation on Books About Dogs

March 5, 2021

Nothing beats a good book that can transport you into a different reality without actually going anywhere. A book that’ll make you forget about all the stresses in life. Now, picture that with dogs! The amazing thing about having countless books about dogs out there  is that there’s always a new one waiting to be…

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5 Ways Dogs Can Help You Cope With The Pandemic

Lucky are those who have dogs by their side to help them cope with the pandemic as it continues to turn our whole lives upside down. From funny dog stories to quiet moments while we snuggle with our fur babies, their presence brings so much joy and comfort to get us through these lengthy lockdowns…

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Best Friends Forever: Kid-Friendly Dog Breeds Your Family Will Love

March 4, 2021

While most parents do extensive research on kid-friendly dog breeds before they purchase or adopt one for their children, newbie dog owners still encounter problems with the intricacies of specific dog breeds.   Yes, dogs could help teach kids about responsibility and compassion at a young age, but you have to make sure that your…

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Thug Life: Guess Which Breed is Owned the Most by Famous Celebrity Dog Owners in the Hiphop Industry

March 3, 2021

Today’s best rappers might be known for spitting rhymes in the studio and releasing chart-topping tracks, but like many of us, they are also fond of dogs. After all, they’re cute, drama-free, and always love to give a good cuddle— and for this reason, these famous celebrity dog owners aren’t shy to show their obsession…

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Good Dog, Bad Dog: Correcting Dog Behavior

March 2, 2021

Let’s face it, not all of your dogs’ actions are always cute – correcting dog behavior may seem extra challenging if you don’t know how to differentiate normal habits from unusual ones. There are certain things they do that can be a nuisance, such as chasing and jumping on people, chewing on objects (particularly your…

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7 of the Most Interesting Dogs in History

February 26, 2021

History is full of stories, from horrendous tragedies, to the most hilarious circumstances. Throughout mankind’s history dogs have been a part of that history, from the early days of domestication to the modern days of pets. Dogs have been our companions from hunting days to the present day. So it’s no wonder that dogs have…