The unexpected occurred as TikTok user @matomonti and her traveling companion were exploring Greece. Their car came dangerously close to being hit by a stray puppy that ran onto the road. Being the good people they are, they decided to intervene and offer assistance.

This duo went above and beyond to assist. A second chance was given to this puppy in real life. As you watch this film and the couple’s journey with this adorable puppy, you’ll want a tissue. It is the essence of love.

@matomonti We found this little stray puppy on the highway in Greece. She nearly run in front of our car. We stopped immediately and brought her to the vet. She needed to have an operation and got a lot of medication. After a few weeks we could pick her up to bring her with us to Germany to give her the life she deserves 🤍 She’s a very happy doggo now #dog #dogrescue #dogs #puppy #stray #straydog #straydogs #rescue #rescuedog #greece #greecetiktok #help #home #microcamper #happydog ♬ SNAP – Acoustic – Rosa Linn



Aww! What a lovely tale. Who knows what else could have happened to that adorable dog if this pair hadn’t been in the right place at the right time? Oh, how our hearts ached when they opted to stick by her side through it all and kept her!

@charleymarie commented, “She’s precious, brought a tear to my eye.” Everybody in the room was moved to tears by this tale! 


This is a story that should be turned into a Hallmark film since it exemplifies the strength of love for all people.

The words “Thank you for giving this beautiful soul a second chance. Enjoy your life together,” from another TikTok user, @loveisinthedtail, spoke volumes. We are ecstatic beyond words that they are all together. And this dog is having the time of her life, as she richly deserves!


Source: Pet Helpful


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