When Billy the lurcher, a cross between a terrier and a greyhound, acquired a very pronounced limp, it was necessary to take him to the veterinarian.

But Billy’s prognosis was unexpected, even by his owners!


Billy is already touching hearts all over the world, much like the “lonely” golden retriever who was happy to meet his new young sister on Christmas morning.

Russell, Billy’s father, posted the video to the Facebook group Lurcher Link Rescue talk, where it quickly gained popularity.


In the video, Russell can be seen on crutches while walking with one leg cast-like.

Alongside Russell, Billy hobbles slowly, following in his father’s footsteps.




Russell took Billy to the veterinarian after noting Billy’s painful-appearing limp. According to the caption of the video, Russell spent “£300 in fees and X-rays”.

Russell was shocked by the veterinarian’s prognosis, which also touched the hearts of millions around the globe.


Billy had no issues, according to the veterinarian. He was only experiencing “sympathy”

When the pup saw that his father’s “paw” was in anguish, he also felt pain.


To be sure nothing was wrong, Russell said in the comments that he even took Billy back to the veterinarian a second time. This time, the lurcher’s condition was once again determined to be caused by an over-sympathetic heart.

“So funny! Unbelievable; aren’t they just so in tune with us? Bless him,” one Facebook user wrote in response to the video.


“That’s too funny. Can’t beat the love of your dog,” said another user.

“Omg how sweet, haha. Hope your legs [are] better soon,” another person wrote.


“He’s copying you. That’s brilliant! Though you have my sympathy for the vet’s bill,” one user chuckled.

Billy’s tender sympathetic suffering demonstrates that animals are capable of experiencing much more than we give them credit for and that they should be given our undivided attention and care.


Source: Yahoo! Life

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