Rosabella curled into a ball and dozed off in December to avoid the biting winter air. Rosabella wouldn’t have lived very long if she had been abandoned in a Minnesota alleyway with nothing but a frail wire container to keep the elements off of her.

Thank goodness, a rescue volunteer saw the dog and quickly took her to a warm, safe location.


Since that terrifying day about a year ago, Rosabella’s life has radically altered, and for the better.

“She was only 19 pounds when she should have been closer to 45 pounds,” Kelli Hanson, marketing and communications director of Ruff Start Rescue, told The Dodo. “We don’t know how long she waited [in the cold], but I think she was noticed fairly quickly.”



Rosabella was promptly freed by the volunteer, who also helped her enter the shelter of the rescue so she could escape the cold.

“She was extremely loving and grateful to be warm,” Hanson said.


While Rosabella worked to regain her health, she quickly found her forever home. The formerly lost dog is now prospering. Her new mother sent an update, and the rescue posted about it on Facebook.

“After seeing her sad story on the news, I knew I had to reach out to see what I could do to help her,” Rosabella’s mom told Ruff Start Rescue. “Luckily, I was chosen to possibly adopt her.”



Rosabella was successfully introduced to the woman’s dog, Lucy, by the woman.

“Lucy and I fell in love with her right away,” the post continued. “She is such a sweet girl, so happy and curious about everything. She follows us everywhere. She has definitely grown a lot, she’s healthy and very active.”



Rosabella’s past is largely unknown, however, she currently loves taking walks in the neighborhood or at the dog park, playing with her new sister, and taking long naps. She won’t ever have to be concerned about surviving the harsh environment.

“It has been fun to have Rosabella in my life,” the post read. “She has such a sweet spirit which is amazing considering her background. Now she gets the much-needed love she deserves in her forever home!”


Source: The Dodo


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