At an MLB spring training game over the weekend, spectators in the outfield jumped for a chance to catch a home run ball. Fans raised their hands as the baseball flew over them, but only one viewer came away with the prize: a happy, fetch-loving pup in a Dodgers jersey.

You can watch him catch the ball here:




Saturday’s game played by the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Kansas City Royals was already exciting when a Dodgers prospect named Michael Busch stepped up to the plate at the top of the seventh inning. To fans’ delight, Busch hit the ball out of the park, earning the game’s first home run.

As Busch ran the bases, spectators to the left of the field leaped in an effort to catch the ball. The ball grazed their fingertips but ultimately dropped to the ground, bouncing further into the crowd. Some determined fans jumped over others to stop the ball’s trajectory, but their efforts were in vain.


As luck would have it, the ball bounced straight toward a four-legged fan, who, at first, had no idea what the commotion was about — he was just happy to be there. The pup picked his head up at the sound of people scrambling around him, and that’s when he saw a familiar round object rolling in his direction.

With his tail wagging and his eyes on the prize, the dog opened his mouth and scooped up the ball. He was already pleased with his catch, but his excitement only amplified when the crowd around him erupted in a celebratory roar.


You can watch that moment here:




“Did the dog catch that?” one of the announcers exclaimed. “Well, how ’bout that!”

The pup’s owner, who wore a Dodgers K-9 jersey, jumped up in victory over his dog’s catch.


The game ended shortly after, and the pup proudly carried his prized ball all the way home. The playful pup has retrieved plenty of balls before, but this one will always be special.


Source: The Dodo

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