Training & LifestyleDog Bytes: Must-Have Dog Gadgets This 2021, Part 1

March 23, 2021by admin

Technology has changed the way we live over the years. At this very moment, companies and individuals all over the world are consistently developing new tech to improve not just our lives, but our pets’ lives as well. If you are interested in learning about gadgets and gizmos for your pups then you came to the right place. In this first edition of Dog Bytes, we will list down the best GPS tracking devices for dogs and other must-have gadgets this year.

Get Findster: Zero Monthly Fee GPS Tracking

Dog GPS Dog Gadgets

Tired of worrying about your dog running away or getting lost? Then you should look into acquiring a GPS device like Get Findster. There are lots of similar products in the market, but what sets Get Findster apart from the rest of the pack is it does not require you to sign up for any monthly service fees. You just need to purchase the rechargeable and waterproof tag then connect it to the collar. Check on your doggy’s whereabouts through an easy-to-use app interface. 

iFetch: Automatic Ball Launcher

Dog Automatic Dog Launcher Dog Gadgets

As much as we love playing with our dogs, it is impossible to have the energy to do it day in and day out. iFetch: Automatic Ball Launcher is a great way to keep your dog active and engaged while you’re off to school or work.

Pet on Wheels: Carrier System

Dog Carrier System Dog Gadgets

Not everyone can afford a car or pay extra for Uber Pets. Riding a bicycle or a motorcycle with your pet is dangerous and extremely difficult. Thank goodness for Pet on Wheels: Carrier System. They developed a simple carrier system that allows you to safely travel with your pets just by hooking it up on the back of your bike. Watch the puppy go vroom!

Dog Parker: Smart Dog House

Smart Dog House Dog Gadgets

Have you ever experienced being out and about with your dog and then passing by a cute store you want to check out? Do you bring your dog in or tie him outside? Do they even allow dogs in that establishment? Worry no more. Dog Parker: Smart Dog House are nifty, climate-controlled dog houses where you can let your puppy wait while you shop or dine worry-free.

Sureflap: Microchip Pet Door

Smart Pet Door Dog Gadgets

Pet doors are cool, but sometimes it lets unwanted guests inside your house. Enter Sureflap: Microchip Pet Door. This high-tech pet door prevents uninvited elements from entering your humble abode by only opening the door when it scans your pet’s microchip. Problem solved!

Wonderwoof: Dog Activity Social Network

Dog Activity Tracker Dog Gadgets

Need to fill out the activity schedule for your lazy dog? Wonderwoof: Dog Activity Social Network is a social network/ activity tracker that your dog can wear. It is very much like a combo of Fitback and 4Square for your furballs. You can meet up with other dogs for playtime and then log the distances covered by your walks.

GoPro Fetch: Wearable Pet Harness

GoPro Pet Harness Dog Gadgets

We’re sure we are not the only ones who ever wondered what would it be like if we could attach cameras to our pets. GoPro Fetch: Wearable Pet Harness makes that dream a reality. Now you can see what your pets see and go where they go courtesy of this cool and waterproof contraption. You can upload the footage taken by your little traveler on YouTube. We’ll wait!

Hungry for more exciting pet tech? Head over to Part 2 of our Dog Bytes: Must-Have Dog Gadgets This 2021.

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