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March 25, 2021by admin

For better or for worse, technology has changed the way we do just about everything. It has made almost everything easier with just a few swipes and a touch of a button. Even how we train, interact, and take care of our pets is now more convenient thanks to artificial intelligence, algorithms, and hardware. In this second part of our Dog Bytes series, we’re counting down the best smart pet cameras and other must-have dog gadgets this year. Let’s go!

Go-Smart: Pet Leash

Go Smart Dog Leash

Gone are the days when you lose your grip (and sanity) whenever you’re out walking with your dog in public. Go-Smart: Pet Leash is a Bluetooth-enabled device packed with awesome features that will revolutionize walking with your pets. It has LED for night visibility, walking timers, and a partner app you can download on your smartphone to track activities. 

Hipster Harness: For Dogs with Hip Dysplasia

Dog Hip Harness

Dogs get injured too, and one of the most common issues that impact their mobility is hip dysplasia. The Hipster Harness: For Dogs With Dysplasia is a device that helps poor puppies stabilize and strengthen their hip muscles to avoid further damage. It also makes your dog look 100x more dashing. Talk about form and function, amirite? 

Clever Pet: Exercise Pet’s Mind + Body

Dog Remote Tracker

Humans are not the only ones who have to go through long-distance relationships. Our pets must endure the separation too. Good thing we have Clever Pet: Exercise Pet’s Mind + Body. This will help you keep your dog engaged and active courtesy of carefully constructed training exercises. You can schedule and track their challenges and rewards remotely through an app. 

PetChatz: Digital Pet DayCare

Dog Digital Day Care

PetChatz: Digital Pet DayCare has been described as ‘the swiss army knife of pet monitors’, and for good reason. It provides you with various high-tech features such as an HD cam, LCD, motion detector, and a treat release function. But wait, because there is another feature of this smart pet camera that will make you lose your mind: your pets can call you.

PupPod – Smart Dog Toy Platform

Smart Dog Toy Platform

Dogs are smart creatures, but they need constant stimuli to keep their brains active and engaged. The PudPod – Smart Dog Toy Platform has a simple premise: it’s a puzzle that stimulates the curiosity of pets by directing them through a series of games. Complete those and get rewarded with treats! It also has a downloadable app that is approved for all dog ages and sizes.

Petcube – Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Petcube Wi Fi Pet Camera

Petcube – Wi-Fi Pet Camera does one thing and one thing only: pet video. And it’s really, really good. Their hardware and smartphone app works so pets and owners such as yourself can enjoy HD and seamless video experience wherever you might be in the world. But don’t just take our word, ask any of the people who donated to their Kickstarter campaign and those investors that gave them millions of dollars because they believe in Petcube so much!

PlayDate: Pet Camera Smart Ball

PlayDate Pet Camera Smart Ball

Who would ever think that one day man will put a camera inside a ball so that they could play with their pets remotely? That’s what exactly PlayDate: Pet Camera Smart Ball is. You can see your pet and control the ball at the same time through a smartphone app. PlayDate has come a long way from its successful crowdfunding campaign in 2016 and is now one of the top pet tech apps in the market.

If you missed part one of our series, check out Dog Bytes: Must-Have Dog Gadgets This 2021, Part 1 here.

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