The staff at High Plains Humane Society (HPHS) of New Mexico have always dedicated themselves to the plight of the unwanted strays and rescue dogs. They often take photos of shelter dogs and share them on social media to give them more visibility among pet-lovers.

In one of their trips to an associate shelter, the volunteers of HPHS captured the photo of a devastated puppy. The heart-breaking picture captures the puppy as she looks on through her cage, hoping that someone will pick her and give her a nice home.

As the HPHS shared this picture on social media, the hearts of pet-lovers around the world were crushed. The dog’s solemn, defeated eyes were enough for people to pour in with adoption requests.

Among the many applications, a woman was chosen as the forever companion for the dog, and, in her new home, the dog turned into a happy baby in no time. We are overjoyed with this new development! We hope every dog in every shelter finds the loving caring homes that they deserve.

Here is another story that we know you’ll love!

Dog’s New Toy Is A Source Of Nightmares But Mom Can’t Stop Laughing

She was trying to get some shut eye but her dog just wouldn’t allow it. Her dog, James, a mixed breed, entered her bedroom in the still of the night with a knife. You read that right: The dog came to his owner’s bedroom in the wee hours with a knife hanging from his mouth!

Source: YouTube

Thankfully the dog was carrying the handle of the knife. Apparently, this is his payback for all those photo sessions and his mom’s constant need to capture adorable photos of him.

The dog took matters into his own paws and gave his mom a major scare. Since the room was dark and the phone light was on, the dog appears to have reddish scary eyes, too! Save yourselves, it’s dogs gone mad!

Source: YouTube

His mom begins to cackle and laugh and just can’t hold back her giggle fit.

Source: YouTube

“James, no, drop it,” his mom could be heard saying near the end of the video. We are glad human and pooch are okay– You can watch for yourself in this hilarious video below!

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