Dogs are really amazing. They are able to save lives in their own ways and this is one of the proofs that animals have unconditional love for us.

One Christmas Eve, a dog kept on chasing and barking at a motorbike driven by Junrell Revilla. Instead of being alarmed, Junrell noticed that the pup was not aggressive and realized that it only wanted his attention.


The man felt that something is wrong and decided to follow the dog. The dog led him to a garbage dump and ran off to a small pile. Junrell inspected the pile of garbage and realized that the dog had just saved a life.

blacky 2

He discovered that underneath the pile, there was an abandoned baby. The dog, upon seeing the baby immediately went to find a human close to the location to ask for help. Junrell was surprised at what he saw but immediately took action and brought the baby boy to the police station. They are relieved to know that the infant is in good health. After being brought to safety, the sweet and heroic dog was named Blacky.

blacky 3

Blacky’s rescue story became a phenomenon on the internet and caught the attention of a nonprofit animal shelter called Hope for Strays. Partnered with Pawssion Project, they gifted Blacky pet supplies, toys and treats, and his family groceries and rice.

blacky 4

“This is a reminder to everyone that dogs are like family,” they wrote on Inѕtаgrаm.  Dogs are really great – and Blacky is one of the best!

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