Dog parents are aware that their fur babies occasionally act inappropriately, but we will always love them. Our dogs, though, can truly push the boundaries of our love with particularly annoying behavior. One puppy just put her mother’s love to the test by making this extremely costly choice.

An image of what her yellow Labrador Retriever, Zoey, destroyed while her mother was away was recently shared on TikTok by user @kimkruk. Kim displays the shredded remnants of numerous $100 bills in the video while grinning irately at the camera. Watch the video to see the effects of Zoey’s destruction and the dog’s thoughts on the situation.

@kimkruk When you leave your lab alone for two hours and she manages to get to the cash on top of the table and ate about 2 grand…. Who wants her LMAO #labradorretriever #rip ♬ original sound – Kim




Wow, Zoey sure is a naughty puppy! Her mother claimed that she ripped up about $2,000 in two hours. Our mood would undoubtedly suffer as a result of this. Though the pup certainly had to use her cutest puppy dog looks, we’re sure Zoey’s mother finally forgave her.

Despite feeling this woman’s annoyance, the commenters attempted to lighten the mood by making a few jokes. Zoey needs a job to pay off the bills she tore up and learn the value of money! @donnadc07 said, “The fur baby has expensive taste,” and @ifyourpettalked added, “She made the change!”


In a last-ditch effort to get the bank to exchange the broken fragments for the whole, Zoey’s dad tried to put the torn pieces back together. Check out his heroic effort in the video below, which serves as a reminder of the world’s worst puzzle.

@kimkruk Another update 🤣 pray for my hubby #fyp #update ♬ original sound – Kim




People who left comments on this follow-up video weren’t jealous of the couple’s work at hand. @dameatlovato said, “That’s the craziest puzzle of all time,” and @lesaknighton commented, “This is going to be one of the hardest puzzles to put together.” Let’s hope Zoey’s dad enjoys puzzles and mental games.

Despite Zoey’s best efforts, the couple’s attempts to get their money replenished are going well! It would be great if they could replace all the torn bills, especially so Zoey wouldn’t feel so bad. Once she realized that she needed money to buy food and toys, we know she felt awful.


Source: Pet Helpful

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