If you’ve ever purchased a puppy, you may be aware that it’s not as simple as it seems. There are so many people looking to add a pet to their homes. As a result, there may be dozens of competitors for the few puppies that are still available. But in the end, it’s always worthwhile.

One upcoming mother of a Golden Retriever is all too familiar with this procedure. She spent a long time waiting for a specific call to find out if she was accepted and approved after meeting her ideal baby. And thankfully, @cruthegolden’s TikTok account posted her response to that phone conversation. Absolutely everything is there!

@cruthegolden my moms reaction to officially calling me hers for forever 🫶🥹 #reactions #goldenretrieverlife #goldenretriever #goldenretrieverpuppy #foryoupage #sweetreaction #happy #puppies ♬ Here With Me – d4vd



OMG, this instantly warmed our hearts! We’re overjoyed that she received the fantastic news and will soon have the puppy of her dreams. We are unable to fathom how trying the long periods of waiting must have seemed for her.

And really, how did she maintain her composure so well? 


We would’ve been balling our eyes out. LOL! Perhaps she is holding back her tears till Cru gets home.

Already, TikTokers are smitten with this couple. “Can’t wait till u get her- thank you for sharing your story with us and please post lots of videos so we can follow your journey getting to know each other,” commented @morgan 1973. YES! We’re very thrilled to be present at the outset. “Keep the videos coming,” @redhead0502 added. We are watching them all!


Source: Pet Helpful


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