This situation is all too common among dog owners. Your dog has selected a toy as its absolute favorite. And after playing with said toy in excitement, completely ruins it and immediately regrets it!

The Labrador, Abby, ripped her favorite toy after playing rough with it. Fortunately, Abby’s mother is a doll-sized surgeon! In this clip, Abby watches calmly as her mother fixes her toy and gives it some sutures. Although Abby is calm and tolerant, you can see the anxiety in her eyes. She is scarcely able to control herself.



Her eyes are focused as she closely examines each stitch, knowing that she will soon be reunited with her all-time favorite toy.

Abby’s tail wags happily as she waits for her mum to finish the emergency operation because she is so excited to have her treasured toy back! If only we were all able to sew! Please like and share this video if you enjoyed it!



Source: Dog Dispatch


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