Sometimes, dogs just have a really tough time out in the world, and we see in a ton of dog rescue stories the ordeal these dogs have to go through before they can get help. No matter how much we want it to be better for these pups, the reality is some animals will really find themselves in unfortunate circumstances.

So in this blog, we’ll show you that through time, effort, love, and support, anything is possible as we humans play a big role in making these disadvantaged dogs’ lives a whole lot better.

That said, we all love a good inspirational story to brighten up our day — here are 4 of the most heart-touching ones we’ve found on the internet!


1. The Survival Story of Plum

dog rescue stories plum

Plum the pit bull puppy was found abandoned and curled up inside a plum box, hence his name. According to the animal welfare rescuers who found Plum, he was not aggressive despite being in distress and was actually warm, sweet, and friendly towards them. The biggest challenge they encountered was Plum’s refusal to leave the cramped box as if marking it as his home for life.


It was hard to tell how long he had been inside the box, but eventually, the rescuers were able to safely get him out of it. Plum was then turned over to a nonprofit organization looking after the welfare of disadvantaged dogs. The staff there patiently worked on gaining Plum’s trust, and after some time, he learned to feel more secure with the people helping him and is now a healthy, active dog ready to explore the big world outside of his box.


With a lot of time and care Plum soon came to love his new owner and life and is now a healthy and popular pup, just check out his Instagram! Plum is a wonderful rescue story and if you want to see more about Plum’s recovery you can read more about it here.


2. The Courageous Rusty Diamond

dog rescue stories rusty diamond

Some dogs are fortunate to have loving owners, vast yards to play in, and just comfortable lives in general. But some dogs are not as lucky.


Rusty Diamond was a dog who lived a life devoid of freedom for a decade and a half with his previous owner. In those years, the poor dog had to endure neglect, loneliness, and physical pain — there wasn’t a single time that he got to be released from the metal chains that bound him to a wall, resulting in various injuries. He was also not at all bathed, which invited fleas and ticks to feast on his body, and flies to always hover above him. And in Phoenix, Arizona where they live, the heat may become unbearable especially during the summer months, but Rusty Diamond was just left to fend for himself and deal with the scorching heat without food and water. Playing with other dogs in the neighborhood also seemed like a distant dream for him that he may never get to fulfill.


But Rusty Diamond’s suffering was nearing its end. A good samaritan named Jared Piper saw Rusty Diamond’s plight and visited him every day, thinking of what he can do to alleviate the dog’s heart-wrenching situation. Rusty Diamond snarled and showed aggression towards Jared at first, but after telling him soothing words, Jared was able to come a bit closer to the dog and give him treats. Soon enough, the dog allowed Jared to pat him on the head without resistance.


The owner eventually noticed Jared’s daily visits to Rusty Diamond, and it was at this time when Jared spoke to the owner and asked if he could adopt the dog. The owner agreed, and so Jared was able to immediately take Rusty Diamond with him to seek medical attention. With proper care and treatment, Rusty was quickly on the path of recovery and is now able to play with other dogs, something that he once never thought he’ll ever experience. Thanks to Jared, Rusty Diamond now lives the full and free life that he deserves!


You may watch Rusty Diamond’s journey to healing here. The part when Rusty Diamond took his first-ever walk with Jared moved us to tears, as we saw how much the dog was enjoying his newfound freedom!


3. Koki, The Persevering One

dog rescue stories koki

We know how winter can be brutal with its freezing temperatures. Could you imagine if a poor pup somewhere was stuck in the bitingly cold weather and thick snow outside, without shelter to find warmth in?


Koki was a stray dog who a couple found limping in the snow as they were on their way to a grocery store. The dog was found shivering and curled up in the snow, and the couple wrapped him in a thick blanket right away. They also noticed that Koki had injured hind legs which made it difficult for him to walk. Since their car was stuck in the snow, the couple had to carry Koki home. When they unwrapped Koki, the poor dog was shaking so hard from the cold and placed him near the heater for some much-needed warmth. Dessy, the wife, then used a blow dryer to deal with Koki’s wet fur, which the dog instantly found calming. Koki was fed and taken care of, and the couple eventually gained his trust. The dog slept like a baby throughout the entire night, as it was evident that he needed a good amount of rest.


The next morning, Koki was brought out in the yard to stretch his legs a little, and he looked a lot better than he did the previous night when he was found. The couple found a kind-hearted woman who was willing to adopt Koki so that he can be in his forever home, where he can be safe and warm at whatever time of the year.


Watch Koki’s story unfold here and here.


4. Jimmy’s Inspiring Life

dog rescue stories jimmy

Gone but not forgotten, Jimmy was rescued back in 2012 along with three other dogs but Jimmy was very afraid and untrusting. When he was adopted he would rarely leave the cage, and the adoptive owners would have a hard time making contact with Jimmy because he was always very afraid. But slowly over time, Jimmy would grow to trust people again. With the help of their animal shelter, Jimmy was able to be happy and social again.

5. Man Creates a Modified Wheelchair for Paralyzed Dog

Unfortunately, Jimmy would pass away only a few months after the rescue due to major issues with his heart and lungs. Dr. Andy Mathis, who adopted Jimmy and documented his recovery, made a video about Jimmy and made it available on YouTube in the hopes of inspiring or encouraging people to adopt shelter dogs. While his time was short, the last few months of Jimmy’s life was full of love and care. Learn more about Jimmy here

This man from China found a stray dog whose rear limbs were severely injured in  a car accident. The poor dog, called “Bitter Melon” (English translation), has been wandering, covered in dirt and barely able to move. Good thing the man was able to find him during his bicycle road trip.

rescue dog video

The adoption wasn’t immediate. He wasn’t able to take him along,but then he couldn’t stop thinking of Bitter Melon, so he returned. He adopted the dog and they soon started their adventure together.

rescue dog video

There was no hope for the dog to ever walk normally again, all they could do was give him medicine and injections to ease the pain. That’s how his rescuer thought of modifying a wheelchair to help him.

Since then, Bitter Melon has been living the best life he can live.

6. Dog’s Left Behind When Family Moves, But She Becomes Someone Else’s Princess

You’ve surely heard the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Well, that couldn’t be more true than it is in the story below.

A little dog was left behind when her family moved away, but she would become someone else’s princess. And it’s all thanks to a kind neighbor and Hope For Paws!

Source: Hope For Paws/YouTube

Hope For Paws received word of an abandoned dog in need and set out. The neighbor of the family who moved away and left the dog to fend for herself was able to catch the nervous pooch and tie her to the porch keeping her from running away. He gave her food and water, but she wouldn’t let him touch her.

Source: Hope For Paws/YouTube

But today, everything would change. The dog finally surrendered to the man and the rescuers like she knew her day had come. They took Kona back to the hospital for a bath and checkup.

Source: Hope For Paws/YouTube

Kona was exhausted after everything she’d been through and just lied there calmly during her haircut. This was only the beginning of her transformation into a princess. The next step was a forever home.

Source: Hope For Paws/YouTube

And that didn’t take long! All clean and healthy but still a little shy, Kona was adopted just a few weeks later. She’s with the perfect family who’d never even think about leaving her behind! ?

Heart-Touching Dog Stories: A Reason to Continue the Cause

The rescue stories of these dogs who were able to get a new lease on life are beyond inspiring and motivate us to be good pet parents not only to our own, but also to those who are deprived of love, care, and liberty regularly. So when we’re given the opportunity to give aid to those animals in need, let’s do what we can to help as we never know how much it can permanently change their lives for the better.

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