It’s not news to us that there are kind-hearted people all over the world contributing to dog rescues because we often read about their stories on the internet. Sometimes, we even get to watch videos of such rescues. Whenever we encounter such stories, a little bit of our faith in humanity is restored. But what’s quite heartbreaking is when we realize that it’s also our fellow humans that have put these dogs in such situations. It does make you think, doesn’t it?

Whatever the reason may be for these dogs to be put in such devastating circumstances, their rescue is what’s important. No dog, or any animal, should be left behind to suffer. Thankfully, a group in India thinks and advocates for the same thing.

Here we travel to India, where a group called Animal Aid Unlimited has dedicated their time and resources to protecting, rescuing, and rehabilitating strays that have been treated badly by the world around them. They are a leading street animal rescue center in India and their hospital and sanctuary have been turned into homes to more than 4,500 rescued and recovering animals each year.

They do an incredible job at documenting their rescues for people to see. It’s also their way of reaching out since they welcome donations and potential forever parents to their rescues.

One of the videos and stories that tugged at the heart of many is the rescue of the puppies covered in tar. It has garnered over 20 million views.

Four incredibly dear puppies came close to losing their lives in a horrendous accident when they stumbled into spilled tar in a garbage pile. When the first one wandered in and got stuck, she must have cried with so much emotion that the others came to see what was the matter, and they too got glued down by the awful tar.


dog rescue stories puppy in tar 1

A call for help was received by the rescue organization. The caller had informed them about finding a helpless puppy that could not move because of the tar that covered its tiny body. Within minutes after the call, they rushed to the area where the puppy was and the sight they arrived at was heartbreaking.

There near a vacant lot within the neighborhood, the puppy was stuck with tar covering half of its face and body. Nothing, but those pleading eyes, could move.  It seems as if it has been there for quite some time now, just waiting for someone to come to the rescue.

dog rescue puppies in tar 2

Upon checking, they noticed that the tar was so thick that it caused the puppy to struggle with breathing. If they didn’t come any sooner, the pup might not have survived. Slowly and gently, they pulled the puppy off of the ground and carried it to safety. Not long after, they found another puppy nearby, amongst the rubble, also covered in tar. Unlike the first pup, this little one was under heavy metal scraps and rubble which had to be carefully lifted off in order to bring it out and be carried to safety.

According to the neighbors that lived in the area, the tar was thrown in the garbage and it might have spilled which could have led to the puppies being covered in it. They said that they started hearing little cries since then.

The rescuers set up a clean table within the vicinity of their center and prepared what they needed to clean off the pups. A few rescuers helped each other in cleaning the puppies because it was almost impossible to clean them off. The first puppy’s neck was completely stiff because of the tar. Slowly, they started softening the 1-inch-thick tar with some oil, rubbing and trying to gently pull off. Since dirt and soil are also attached to the tar, it became an extra challenge.


dog rescue stories pups in tar 3

As they slowly broke free from the tar, you could clearly see how the puppies were scared and confused – but most of all, they were in so much pain. Three hours in and they were still cleaning off all the tar that covered the tiny bodies of those pups. After removing the major chunks of tar and garbage, they washed off the pups. The tar and oil slowly started to come off, but still had lots of remnants that needed to be removed.  Clearly exhausted, both the pups and the rescuers decided to bring the puppies inside their center and let them rest for the night.

Later that evening, they received information about more puppies found covered in tar. Upon finding the pups, it was understandable how people barely noticed the puppies. They were almost fully covered in tar and garbage, disguising them and making it look like they were just scattered plastic and garbage. The newly recovered puppies were completely trapped.

The evening was spent cleaning them off. The oil and water bath continued for three days, making sure that the tar and all of the debris were completely taken off the bodies of these gentle dogs. It was doing wonders as the dog slowly started to recover and they were able to move more.

rescue puppies covered in tar 4

The rescue team made sure that the four puppies were well fed and taken care of. It was a group of two to three people nurturing the puppies until they found the mother dog, which they did! Soon the puppies were reunited with their mother and slowly got to recover with their mother by their side.

With love and patience from the rescuers, the puppies were able to recover and start living as how a normal puppy should. Eventually, they were able to run around and play with each other as well as be eligible for adoptions.

This story highlights a lot of things we should think about, such as proper waste disposal and spaying dogs. Two major factors that led to these puppies being in danger. As humans and lovers of animals, we need to keep these things in mind if we want to have a safe environment – not just for us, but also for animals that don’t have homes. Another way of helping is through donating to these wonderful rescue centers!

rescue dogs covered in tar 5


If you want to see the full story and rescue of these puppies and more, the video is below for you to enjoy.

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