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Say no more to bad breath! Just like us, our pets need to look after their oral hygiene, too. They’re just as prone to toothaches and gum disease as we are. It’s easy to forget about dog teeth care and dental health. But making sure those pearly whites are all clean will help keep both you and your pup happy and smiling!


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So how do we know when to do something about it?

Dogs tend to have less-than-ideal breath sometimes, but if you begin to notice that it’s becoming quite overwhelming, it might be a good time to give those teeth a good brushin’. This might also be the case if you‘ve also noticed that they’ve eaten something foreign or have been eating differently. Otherwise, try and schedule a regular brush.


What do I need?

Believe it or not, you don’t need a lot! They’re almost exactly like any human. Your local pet store should have all the necessary supplies in a kit. Usually, here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Doggy toothpaste
  2. A brush, and/or;
  3. Finger bristles

Finger bristles are an alternative to the brush and are better suited for puppies and dogs with sensitive gums. They can also come in handy if your dog is particularly difficult to work with.

DO NOT use human toothpaste on dogs. They can have severe reactions as some components of human toothpaste are toxic to dogs.


How to brush their teeth?

Always start slow. And don’t rush, especially if you’ve just introduced it to your dog recently. Gently wean your pup by rewarding them along the way.

  1. Gently probe around your dog’s mouth with a finger. Make sure they’re calm and comfortable during the entire session.
  2. Without any toothpaste, involve the brush. But keep alternating with your finger until you can slowly transition into full brush strokes. Remember to keep it gentle and in circular motions.
  3. Let your dog have a small taste of the toothpaste. Have them lick it and get used to the flavor.
  4. Put some toothpaste on the brush and try to resume the circular brushing motions. Do this all the way around, under, and over. Try to get to the gaps and backs of your dog’s teeth.
  5. You’re done! Give them a drink of water and a treat for all that calm composure.


What else can we do?

There are many other ways to keep your dog’s dental health in check:

  1. Regular trips to the vet/groomers for a cleaning service. This is great for reaching deeper into your dog’s mouth and making sure that plaque and tartar don’t build up.
  2. Dental treats are designed to keep your dog’s teeth clean. Give them one every now and then.
  3. A proper diet is key to making sure they get the proper nutrition to maintain healthy teeth and gums.


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It isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but making sure that you are aware of dog teeth care is a step towards ensuring that Fido lives a long and happy life. And besides, nothing’s cuter than a happy, smiling dog.

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