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June 10, 2021by admin

Automotive vehicles have been designed to keep humans safe at all times. If you’re a driver, you would always be reminded to keep your seatbelt on during the entirety of your trip, or deploy safety airbags should there be an accident about to happen. Babies are likewise required to have car safety seats to keep them secure at all times — but what about our dogs? Car manufacturers haven’t exactly thought about keeping our loyal companions safe inside the vehicle, so let’s take a quick look at this dog training guide for car safety.


If you ever want to bring your pooch to your next road trip, some basic dog training tips can be implemented to keep them well behaved in the car. Remember, a good boi is always a safe boi.


dog car barrier
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Make space for a car divider or purchase a back seat barrier


A surefire way to keep your dog safe is by assigning a dedicated space for him in the car. Station wagons or SUVs with dividers between the back seats and the trunk are perfect for road trips with your doggies to keep them contained at all times. You can even install a back seat barrier if you have a large pooch that struggles to maintain its cool when restrained in the vehicle. We recommend ensuring that the back seat barrier is properly installed before you start your drive!


Fido Classic car crate
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Purchase a doggy crate


If you know your dog has a calm and confident demeanor, you can even take it up a notch by purchasing a comfortable dog crate! These comfortable doggie boxes are perfect for small and medium-sized pooches,  Purchasing the appropriate crate for your doggie will ensure he is safe and warm during the car ride.


Just make sure to find the right size and fit for your pooch, and you won’t have to worry about anything while you drive. If you’re a new owner, you might want to check out these gift items you might need for training and traveling with your pup.


dog car harness for traveling
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Install a Doggy Harness

A harness seat belt for dogs can be a good idea…or it can be an absolute disaster. Harnesses work wonders when your dog has a naturally calm attitude or has significant training experience because there is a possibility that they might get tangled and struggle to breathe with the harness wrapped around them.

Doggy harnesses are a genuinely smart idea to help protect your pooch in case of a rare car collision. Most high-quality harnesses have undergone strict crash testing and include seat belt attachments for easy installment. Your dog will feel comfortable and safe during the entirety of the drive!

Let’s face it: dogs are just as susceptible to severe injuries in car accidents. If we can follow this basic dog training guide and do what we can to protect our canines from harm in the car, we’re surely in for a fun road trip! Check our other list of travel kit essentials for your doggo on the go.

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