Dogs can bring people together, especially if you come across a whole pack of them sitting together adorably!

People are going crazy for the incredible video TikTok user @Saratogadogwalkers shared of about 20 or so dogs sitting patiently. With more than 770k views and over 70k likes, this video is a viral hit.

@saratogadogwalkers why are there so many people here, is there something on my face? this is just another day in the life 😎🐶 #dogsoftiktok #dogviral #foryou ♬ billie eilish not my responsibility – flwhney



We would have to stop and pet each and every one of these dogs. We aren’t the only ones with @Juliefarrell posting, “I’d have to go pet each and every one of them.” @Chermontgomery adds, “They are so sweet and well-behaved! Great job, Dad!” @Emilycummings says what a lot of us are feeling, typing, “I have too little self-control to not go and sit in the middle.” 

Since it would be difficult for us to pick a favorite from this lovely group, we’ll just say that we would be content to hang out with and walk any of them. All that’s left to do is find out whether they’re hiring!


Source: Pet Helpful


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