Every day for over a year, a friendly dog named Major waited for someone to notice him. The Naperville Area Humane Society resident, who absolutely loves people, couldn’t figure out why no one wanted to take him home.

Humane society staff were similarly confused as to why the sweet pup kept getting ignored.


“None of us could figure out why [he wasn’t getting adopted], because he really is a great dog,” Kristen Funk, Naperville Area Humane Society executive director said. “Unfortunately, I think that when [an animal] spends too long at a shelter, people tend to think there is something wrong with him or her. I think he fell into that stigma.”


black and white dog

Major enjoyed going on walks with the humane society staff and playing with dog friends at the shelter, but something was missing. He needed a real family. Staff at Naperville were heartbroken as the days ticked by, and their favorite pup, who at this point was spending most of his time with them in the office, still had no one to call his own.

“It was really tough for all of his fans here,” Funk said. “He was very much beloved by staff and volunteers, so every day that went by without him having any interest was hard to see.”


dog in office

One day, Major’s luck changed. The humane society received a call from Jose, a semi-trailer truck driver, who was grieving the loss of the last pup he’d adopted years ago. Jose wanted a new companion to join him in his life on the road. Funk immediately knew who to show him.

“We knew that he had to meet Major,” Funk said.


It wasn’t long before Major was strutting out of the shelter with his new dad. As they climbed into the truck together, the pup, so thrilled to finally be adopted, couldn’t help but smile.


dog and man in truck

Humane society staff also couldn’t contain their excitement.

“We were all smiles and happy tears over here — and still are!” Funk said.




These days, Major enjoys traveling all over the country with his dad and snuggling with him every night.

“We are so thrilled to hear that Major is enjoying his exciting life on the road,” Funk said. “For a dog who never liked to be alone, he has found the perfect situation and will forever be with his person.”


Source: The Dodo

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