Though occasionally we indulge the undesirable behavior by giving in to the begging, we generally attempt to discourage our dogs from begging for food. One puppy was so famished that she need unequivocal evidence that there was no food in order to stop begging, and the footage of this situation is just too comical.

A recent video posted on TikTok by user @digitdax showed their little dachshund, Digit, looking for food. In the video, Digit’s father is seen holding the dog in his arms and pointing to the counter to show her that there isn’t any food there for her. See Digit begging for food that doesn’t exist in the video down below:

@digitdax The things we do… 😂 #doglogic #dachshundproblems #dogproblems #sausagedoguk #sausagedogcentral #sausagedogsoftiktok ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music



Digit is too funny, LOL! But we completely comprehend where she’s coming from. When we’re hungry, we occasionally open the refrigerator to look for food that isn’t there.

People in the comments think Digit managed to find something intriguing on the counter despite her dad’s insistence that there is nothing there. @weda2004 said, ‘Dachshund: “I do, in fact, see crumbs to eat,”‘ and @iveeruiz550 commented, ‘Doggo says: “Slow down, I can’t sniff!”‘ Digit’s dad needs to make sure she is able to thoroughly investigate the counter.


Others mentioned that they have done similar things with their dogs. @b0neitis commented, “This must be a universal dachshund experience,” and @shannon_deans said, “It makes me feel better that I’m not the only one having to do this with their dog.” We will do some very crazy things for our pups!

Even if it isn’t from the counter, I’m hoping Digit can find something to eat. Nobody wants this puppy to be hungry, and based on the way she is studying that counter, she urgently needs food!


Source: Pet Helpful

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