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March 2, 2021by admin

Planning for an outdoor adventure or an out-of-town trip already requires a lot of preparation, what more if you’re bringing your dog? There’s an added responsibility and it’s always best to stay organized. It might even be a good idea to have a pet travel kit ready at any given point for those unplanned or spontaneous trips!

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You should make sure to plan ahead of time and get what you need. With the number of things to remember and tips for traveling with a dog, it can get overwhelming.

 If you don’t know what to start with, keep reading. We’ve narrowed down the list for you.

Before you start packing and preparing your pet travel kit, here are a few non-pet kit things to remember:

  1. VISIT YOUR VET – Before your trip, it’s always best to make sure your dog is healthy enough for travel. It might also be time to get them their updated vaccine shots if they haven’t had it already.

  2. BRING YOUR PET DOCUMENTS – It’s important to always bring your dog’s medical documents with you whenever you’re going out on a long-distance trip. Airlines, public transportation, and hotels usually ask for these as a part of their safety protocol. They need to make sure that your pet is vaccinated.

    Sometimes, travel documents are also required for your pets. It’s best to acquire these ahead of time to lessen the worries during your trip.
  3. READ UP ON POLICIES – Planning and doing your research on the places you’ll be visiting is a vital part of traveling with your dog. Make sure that you check-in or visit a pet-friendly place, not all establishments allow pets inside their premises. It’s also the same for traveling by plane, train, or boat. It’s important to read up on what their policies are for traveling with a dog.

  4. BRING A DOG CARRIER OR CRATE  – Dogs tend to be anxious during travels making them behave a certain way. It is recommended for them to be inside a crate or a travel bag for everyone’s safety. It will also help if they have their own space to sleep.

  5. LET YOUR DOG WEAR A PET TAG – In the rare care of your dog getting lost, you’ll be relieved that they’re wearing one. Include your contact details on it.

Let’s proceed with what you should consider including in your pet travel kit.

  • Travel Water bottle – Just like humans, dogs need to keep hydrated. Fresh drinking water is something they always have to have. It’ll save you space if you purchase a travel bottle that also has a bowl. Not only is it compact, but also multipurpose.
    travel water bottle for dog
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  • Dog Toy/s – Your dog can get bored easily or even be anxious during the trip, so it is always best to have something to keep them busy. A dog toy from home would be the ideal one to bring since it will bring comfort to your dog.

  • Food and Treats – A hungry pet is an unhappy one. It is not a guarantee that the place you’ll be going to will have pet food. It is best to be prepared and pack an ample amount of food in your pet travel kit for the entire trip. Packing treats as a reward for their good travel behavior is something your dog will surely love.
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  • Disposable Waste Bags and Diapers – A pet travel kit is not complete without this. Wherever you go, it’s only right for you to bring waste bags and diapers. Any responsible dog parent cleans up after their dogs, so make sure to pack enough waste bags. It is also best to have them wear diapers (male and female dogs have different ones) if you don’t want to constantly worry about your dog having to go.
    Disposable Waste Bags and Diapers
    Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags | Rating: 4.8/5 |

  • Hygiene Products – This depends on how long you’ll be staying. If you are going to be there for a while, bring their shampoo and toothbrush. If it is only a quick trip, having disposable wipes or a towel is enough to keep your doggo clean.
    Hygiene Products for dogs
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  • First Aid Kit – You will never know what’s going to happen, it’s best to be ready for the time of emergency. Prepare a separate first aid kit for your dog. Make sure to pack bandages, wound cleaning supplies, and your dog’s medicine or vitamins. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

  • Travel Bag – You will need a place to put all of these things in. Traveling with your dog means them having their separate bag with their stuff. It is recommended that you use a bag specifically made for dog supplies, that way everything has its own compartment and container.
    travel bag for pets
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Traveling with your pet is a great experience and bonding opportunity for both of you. Being organized and prepared with a pet kit filled with what your pet needs will lessen the worries and make it an amazing experience. Once you’re all packed and ready, what’s left is to make memories with your paw-buddy!  

If these pet travel kit essentials helped you, share them with your fellow dog owners that are planning to go on a trip!

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