Meet Max, a silly dog who never manages to capture a negative image.

Going on long walks is the one activity the Cane Corso/American bulldog mix enjoys more than destroying his toys. Therefore, the dog can hardly contain his joy when his walker Tess Amanda shows up to take him outside in the afternoon.

Amanda told The Dodo, “He has so much energy, and he’s curious about everything.” He enjoys our strolls and occasionally becomes so ecstatic that he will suddenly turn around and begin jumping all over me in the middle of the stroll.

Amanda was recently walking Max on a gorgeous fall day when she saw the dog attempting to catch some leaves in midair. She made the decision to have a photoshoot with Max as a small gift for Max’s owner.

To test what he would do, I just tried throwing [the leaves] up, and he loved it, said Amanda. “I thought I’d try an amateur version,” said the woman, “because my boyfriend is a photographer and he does stuff like that.”

Amanda wanted Max to catch the leaves, and Max could tell that.

.. and he steadfastly resisted withdrawing the challenge.

Max’s attempts weren’t quite successful, but they resulted in some hilariously adorable pictures.

Amanda couldn’t help but giggle as she turned to gaze at the photo shoot. Amanda said that I didn’t anticipate so many pictures to be so comical. “I expected maybe a couple of decent ones of him attempting to catch the leaves.” “The images really showed up his personality.”

She continued, “I took probably like 100, and I just smiled the whole time when I was trying to select out the ones to share.

Now that Max has become Amanda’s muse, the photogenic dog is always willing to smile for the camera in exchange for a longer stroll.

Source: The Dodo