Not always did Cooper, Trixi, and Bruno have comfortable dog beds. The three closely connected canines shared a filthy mattress in a dumpsite before being rescued. Although they frequently consoled one another and snuggled to remain warm, it didn’t feel quite as pleasant as a true home.

When help came, everything was different. But soon after, the trio split up and began living separate lives in different foster homes.


However, they never forgot their time together.

The three puppies met up again over a year later in a touching reunion that was captured on tape.



“Through collaborative efforts, all three were rescued and adopted through different organizations. We recently posted an update on RSR alum Cooper (lab mix), and everyone asked, ‘what happened to the two other dogs?’” a Facebook post by Ruff Start Rescue read. “Cooper’s adoptive family tracked down Trixi and Bruno and they all reunited last weekend. Rescue doesn’t get much sweeter.”

In stark contrast to how the pups’ tale began, the families and their various rescue canines had a lovely time reconnecting in Minnesota.


“[They were] found at a known dumping spot and one of our partner rescuers asked for help,” Kelli Hanson, marketing and communications manager at Ruff Start Rescue, told The Dodo. “Trixi and Bruno were rescued that day.”

Cooper eluded capture as Trixi and Bruno settled into foster care. He was terrified and had little faith that people could get him to safety.



“[Rescuers] knew he was still out there so they continued to check for him often,” Hanson said. “[By] the end of February, he was ready for rescue and jumped in the van.”

The reason the pups were first wary was soon made evident. Each animal would need to have a leg severed before finding a loving home, according to a thorough vet examination. Thankfully, that’s exactly what happened as soon as each dog became healthy enough.



The three dogs are appreciative of their second chances right now.

“He’s doing amazing!” Cooper’s mom, Brenda Heitschmidt, told The Dodo. “Bruno’s family said he is so easy going and happy to be in a home, and Trixi seems to do well but is a little more tippy than the boys. We believe the boys protected her.”


A lot can happen in a year, but one tradition that hopefully won’t change is getting together with old friends. Cooper’s new mother now finds it impossible to fathom life without him.

“He is a perfect dog,” Heitschmidt said. “Many will say how lucky he is to be with us, however, we feel we are truly the lucky ones.”


Source: The Dodo

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