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June 10, 2021by admin

When people say that dogs are man’s best friend, they are not wrong. These lovely canines have become a significant part of our families and provided us with unconditional love throughout their lives. As gentle and empathetic creatures, most dog breeds are also capable of protecting our kids — some even offer the possibility of a childhood friendship that will last a lifetime! But which breeds have the best dog personality types to live with and protect our little kids?


There is no doubt that doggies can bring about pawsitive reinforcement for our little ones, so let’s take a quick look at the best breeds for them!


dog breeds best for babies collie and baby



Border Collie


Border collies were originally bred to be working and herding dogs — they’re as active, loyal, and hardworking as any other pooch, making them one of the most popular domesticated pets in the world. Little do people know that collies likewise show more empathy towards newborn children, and for this reason, they were given the nickname “caregivers”.


The border collie’s biggest strength is its flexibility to adjust to new people, rules, and environments. As a family pet, they act just like a second baby who can grow together with your child.


dog personality golden retriever and baby



Golden Retriever


Golden retrievers are well-known for being extremely loyal and playful pets, no doubt about it. Not a single day goes by that goldies don’t exude youthful, vibrant energy when they spend the day with their hoomans…including kids! Veterinarians often recommend goldies for bigger families, as they can grab the attention of little kids without any problem.


Goldies are also patient enough to deal with toddlers who would give them endless amounts of fur and tail scratches. Simply put, golden retrievers are paw-some companions for your toddlers!


dog personality traits poodle and baby





When first-time owners do their research on dog breeds, they would quickly notice that the poodle doesn’t have the best dog personality. Poodles can be as adorable as they are aggressive — when you get on their bad side, they would immediately show signs of disdain and disobedience. With kids, however, a poodle’s behavior goes full 360! They go from sassy pooch to an infant’s best pal with adequate care and monitoring.


The poodle is also known for being an intelligent breed of dogs that can easily adapt to both young and old members of the family. They’re certainly smart enough to realize that they’ll receive more treats if they are kind to the infants!


While there are certainly other pups with the best dog personality types for babies, these three doggos are your go-to breeds to ensure that your kid is protected by a lovely canine. The last thing you’d want to happen is to add more to your stress at home. Introducing a new dog that doesn’t match your baby’s energy will cause problems in the long run!

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