Keeping our animals safe is always a priority but when Mother Nature has other plans, even the most diligent animal owners are at her mercy. One dog, named Duke, is known for his happy spirit and close bond to his human siblings. Recently, when his human parents were at work, strange weather crept in and totally threw Duke for a loop (somewhat literally!)

Source: Facebook/Brittany Wampler

Duke and his human siblings were outside playing when wind gusts picked up quite forcefully. The kids didn’t think much of it until the wind got stronger and stronger. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, the extreme gusts lifted Duke off the ground. And he’s a pretty big dog! 70 whopping pounds! His human siblings were in utter shock.


They called their mom and told her that Duke “went for a ride with a tornado.” Their mom thought they were kidding but after watching footage from a neighbor’s security camera, she realized this was no joke. The wind gusts were so strong that it lifted the 70 lb pooch straight up! Thankfully he wasn’t harmed but he was certainly a bit freaked out.


The kids and Duke headed inside to ride out the wind and everyone was safe but wow this was one of those things you think you’ll never live to see! Duke, who loves going for car rides, didn’t exactly imagine a ride like this one! Duke has since been dubbed Duke the Flying Dog by the kids for understandable reasons. To see Duke go for a ride, check out the video below!

H/T The Dodo