There is no denying that caring for an animal is laborious. They depend on you to look after them. And frequently, people feel that animals with disabilities need more care than other animals, but this isn’t always the case.

@fenixlumiere, a user on TikTok, shares how simple life has been since adopting Fenix. When they adopted Fenix, this family was aware of his cerebral condition. What astonished them after having Fenix is what will make your heart utterly melt. It’s very motivating!

@fenixlumiere We knew Fenix had a brain disorder when we adopted him… we just didn’t know how easy and what a complete joy taking care of his special needs would be. #specialneeds gives #SpecialLove ♬ Happy – Pharrell Williams



Aww! It makes sense why Fenix is known as “Happy Dog” because we’ve never previously seen a dog smile that broadly! Nobody could possibly watch this video without grinning. Additionally, this film serves as a stunning reminder that any animal, including those with a mental problem, can make your life incredibly happy.

“He brings so much joy,” said @evasacharczuk131. He brings so much joy to his millions of followers! @V8rs_girl added, “How he brightens my day!” Right?! We’re so jealous these owners get to wake up next to his smiling face. At least we still get to watch his videos daily! 


Another TikTok user, @chantalboudreau17 wrote, “I love how Fenix dances like no one is watching.” He’s just marching along to the beat of his own drum. Something we should all aspire to do! 


Source: Pet Helpful


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