California has been pummeled by what seems like never-ending rain for the past few weeks, which has caused evacuations, flooding, and mudslides. Fortunately, first responders were ready to respond when one family in the San Bernardino region had a very close call during the storm.

The dog belonging to this family discovered a gap in the fence along the bypass, and with one stride the raging torrent took the dog away. We shudder to think what this family’s thoughts were when they witnessed this incident. But don’t worry, everything turns up well. Watch the entire story that TikTok user @abc7la uploaded.

@abc7la A dog was rescued after he was swept away by floodwaters in San Bernardino County. Thanks to an Apple AirTag and his collar ID, firefighters were able to track the dog down faster. #abc7la #news #abc7eyewitness #rescue #dogsoftiktok #dogs #dogtok #dogrescue #apple #appleairtag #airtag ♬ original sound – ABC7LA



Wow! This story is just amazing. We are incredibly appreciative of the quick-acting firefighters who were able to save this adorable creature. We’re astounded that the AirTag was able to assist the firefighters in locating the dog. Who knew that technology could be useful?

“His little eyes,” as said by @nellic1205. Seeing his eyes in the storm drain devastated us, even though we were aware that the family was terrified. Although he is a very intelligent dog, he was incredibly afraid. He knew how to get into a storm drain and barked for assistance while doing so.


“True heroes no matter what! What an amazing outcome,” as @roslynagaltsova stated. This is a genuinely unique story. SAME! @kam_1130_cm also said, “I’m so glad he’s safe.” And we just know that his family will hold him even closer and show him the world’s love.


Source: Pet Helpful


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