The French bulldog is one of the many beloved dog breeds around the world, Buzzfeed even cites them as “the cutest, most hilarious and famous dogs.” They just seem to be some of the cutest creatures in the world no matter what they’re doing! They make such great pets that several celebrities like Lady Gaga, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Hugh Jackman have at least one French bulldog. Overall Frenchies make great pets and if you didn’t love them already here are a few fun facts about bulldogs that can make you love them even more!


1. French bulldogs come from England
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We’re sure this comes as a surprise to many of you but the French bulldog’s origin comes from England. While the origin story itself is a little fuzzy, most sources trace the roots of the French bulldog to toy bulldogs from England. In the 1800s, bulldogs were crossbred with ratters to make them smaller hence the name toy bulldog. By the 1850s, toy bulldogs became a common dog in England. The toy bulldogs were so well-loved that when lace workers moved from Nottingham to Normandy, they brought their dogs with them! Toy bulldogs became popular in France and trading in these dogs began. After their boom in popularity, dog breeders began crossbreeding them with terriers, and thus the French bulldog was born.


2. They don’t need to exercise much


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Because of their small frame and low energy French bulldogs don’t need to exercise too often, they just need to go on their daily walk to maintain a healthy weight. Many French bulldogs enjoy playing, walking, and spending their time doing various activities but they’re not as active as other dogs. This means that they don’t need a large yard to play in or exercise for long periods of time. This makes them perfect companions for people with not a lot of time on their hands or people that aren’t able to exercise their dogs for long periods.


3. They’re sensitive to criticism


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While dogs can’t understand our languages (yet) they can still understand moods and tones, especially when you’re scolding them. While some dogs can bounce right back up and learn from their mistakes after a scolding, French bulldogs might mope around for a while. This is because they are very sensitive to criticism, we don’t know why, but they respond better to positive reinforcement. Next time your Frenchie does something bad, maybe tone it down a little, we don’t want to hurt their feelings.


4. They’re very gassy


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You might have heard that French bulldogs fart a lot and it may come as a surprise to some of you but that’s not just a rumor. French bulldogs fart very often because they’re prone to suffer stomach flatulence or gassiness. However, you can lessen this smelly habit by changing their diet or making sure they aren’t eating too fast. Another thing that can trigger a farting series is a food allergy, so make sure to visit your vet regularly to know if they’re eating something they’re not supposed to.


5. They can’t swim


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Some dogs are naturally good swimmers while others are not so gifted, the French bulldog is one of them. Because of their squat frame, heavy bones, and thick muscles French bulldogs can’t swim at all. They’re also brachycephalic which means they have a smooshed face and a short, wide skull. Due to their short snout, they have to tilt their head up out of the water which makes it hard for these dogs to stay afloat. So maybe keep them away from pools or give them floaties when going on a beach trip.


6. They have some interesting nicknames


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French bulldogs have acquired several unique nicknames throughout history. The French bulldog is sometimes referred to as the “bat pigs”, “frog dogs”, or “clown dogs.” They’re called bat pigs because of their distinctly bat-shaped ears and tendency to fart. The frog dog nickname is a reference to their wide and round face as well as the fact that they sit with their hind legs spread out. Finally, clown dog comes from their fun-loving and entertaining personality.


7. They get separation anxiety


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Most dogs are clingy, they always want to be together with their owners, spend time with them, and play with them. But Frenchies might be a little too clingy. French bulldogs tend to not do well when left alone for long periods and are prone to develop separation anxiety at a young age, which can persist into adulthood. Frenchies will typically follow you around the house wherever you go and they won’t be happy if you work long hours every day. Fortunately, there are ways to train your dogs to get better at handling loneliness. It’s either that or getting another pet to keep them company.


8. They’re great babysitters


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Speaking of keeping company, French bulldogs as pets are great at watching over little ones. Whether they’re keeping an eye on kids or other animals, these dogs are great protectors and friends. These dogs are very delicate and friendly, often acting in a fun or playful manner to keep the people they’re watching entertained. A Frenchie named Bugsy even became the best friend of an orangutan named Malone when he was abandoned by his mother. Bugsy would stay friends with Malone until he was old enough to rejoin the other orangutans at the zoo.


9. They’re very noisy


French Bulldog

Although they’re not as loud as huskies, French bulldogs can make a lot of different and unique noises, so make sure you’re ready for that. These dogs are constantly snoring, snorting, chirping, farting, and making a lot of cute and lovable noises. They sometimes even like to respond to speech and songs like they know what you’re talking about or singing about. Whether you love it or hate it, these unique noises are part of what makes French bulldogs different.


10. They have two styles of ears


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French bulldogs originally had rose-shaped ears, similar to larger bulldogs. The English favored this ear shape and English breeders would try to maintain this look. However, American breeders preferred French bulldogs with bat-shaped ears. This strange attraction to ear shape led to the unique ear shapes that French bulldogs have today. Their ears even became a point of controversy where American dog fanciers became angry that a rose-eared Frenchie was presented at the Westminster Kennel Club in 1897. This huge debacle over their ears eventually led to the formation of the French Bulldog Club of America (FBDCA).


11. People love them

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As dog lovers, it’s a given that we love French bulldogs as pets but this isn’t a subjective take. People objectively love French bulldogs. They make plenty of appearances in tabloids and Instagram posts alongside famous celebrities. In popularity polls, the French bulldog once ranked #1 in the UK, #4 in the U.S., and #1 in the world. As of this year, French bulldogs are the 2nd most popular dog breed in America, right behind retrievers.

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