Humans and canines have forged formidable friendships throughout the decades. Dogs have become popular as the most loving companions to their owners—they show us their appreciation even if our hair hasn’t been washed, if our clothes smell weird, and even if we don’t feel like being ourselves. We laugh and cry with these dogs throughout the entirety of their lives, and we share funny dog stories about them with our family and friends. No matter what happens, a pooch stands by its human to make life a little more colorful. 

And how do we repay our precious puppies for their unending love and support? Of course, we take them to some random groomer off the nearest block, and somehow get their fur all messed up. The funniest part is, your pets have the most embarrassing look on their faces when they realize how their fur just got butchered! 

Let’s take a look at some of the most hilarious dog grooming fails on the Internet today (Spoiler: all of them ended badly.)

Say hello to Walmart Simba

dog groom fail walmart simba

A dog owner posted a photo of his pupper on Reddit. In the snapshot, you can clearly see his pooch crying out for help after the monstrosity its fur has become. The top half of its body looks untouched, while the bottom half is completely shaved. According to the owner, he requested for a “trimmed body that faded into shaved legs”. 

The groomer was probably too bamboozled and decided to just go half-naked Simba on the poor pupper instead. Instead of looking like the king of the jungle, the dog transformed into a Walmart version of The Lion King

The look says it all

dog groom fail cocker spaniel

Twitter user @DottyTeapot1 shared a photo of her dog on the social media platform after paying a visit to the dog barber. Judging by the look on the poor pooch’s face, you can tell that it was PISSED. Dotty asked for a coiffure look, but her best pal turned into a sad version of Zoolander.

Look at how hilariously straight those bangs are! Any person, whether human or canine, would be frustrated with this cut.

Mom, This Haircut is PAW-ful!

dog groom fail poodle

Imagine strolling around with your fluffy poodle and going about your day, when suddenly you feel like letting your pooch have a slight trim. What’s the worst that can happen, right? Well, this is it. This is the worst thing that could happen to your poodle.

This haircut was so hilariously awful the poodle turned from a majestic ball of white fur into a scalped duck. This calls for a (not-so) cute puppy post on Instagram!

Is this…Hide the Pain Harold?

dog groom fail

Another Twitter user named @MeanAuntMissy shared a snap of her doggo online, and the distraught look on its face is pure entertainment. This time, the dog did not pay a visit to an Edward Scissorhands-esque dog groomer– instead, its mane was destroyed by its parent! The result: an adorable Shih Tzu turned into a hairy version of Samuel L. Jackson.

At second glance, you would even see a little bit of the Hide the Pain Harold meme. No one’s surprised considering any pooch would have no other choice but to smile through their agony.

As you might have guessed, none of these funny dog stories had a happy ending. Let this be a learning experience for fellow dog owners out there: Never have a “Hold my beer” moment by taking matters into your own hands. Always make sure that you’re going to a reputable grooming salon if you don’t want your cute pupper to turn into an atrocity! After all, who else wants to have a bad hair day?

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