For six years now, Dr. Cem Baykal has passed the same furniture store on the way to work. And nowadays, he sees two strays always sitting outside of the shop. The dogs are always together and obviously the best of friends, and they often sleep on a new mattress that the store owner sets out just for them.

The home store, Istikbal Mobile, sells items such as sofas, beds, and mattresses, and the kind owner always spares a mattress (still wrapped in plastic) to place out front to provide the homeless pups some comfort. He makes sure it’s always out there in the winter, and during the summer sees that they also have water and shade.

The street is in a rich part of town, and the neighbors help out here and there by giving the well-known strays food and water. But it’s this caring store owner who takes it upon himself to supply quality bedding for them to properly rest on. This gesture speaks volumes, and it’s so great to see! 🙂

H/t: The Dodo

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