There are without a doubt some excellent Airbnbs available. There is something for everyone, from distinctive designs to far-flung locations, and everything in between. And it so happens that TikTok user @sophiethevagabond shared the Airbnb of our dreams.

She recently visited an Airbnb in Georgia, as seen in this video. When you arrive, a large friendly staff welcomes you. Although it’s not what you’d anticipate, it’s the greeting of our wildest desires. Look it here!

@sophiethevagabond I wanted to take them all with me 🥹🐾 book this air bnb asap! #airbnb #travel #puppies #animalexperience #georgia ♬ drivers license x ocean eyes – carneyval



OMG, we have to reserve this Airbnb right away! The home has dogs running all over it in addition to being so lovely and comfortable. Is there anything greater than that? Yes, it does, considering that some of the dogs are adoptable foster pets. We’ve all but vanished, ugh!

“Wait. This is genius for people wanting to adopt a dog. They can stay a couple of nights with their foster before committing and taking them home!” wrote @.reedjess. Right!? We haven’t heard of a better idea in all the years we’ve lived. @mtngirl_canmore added, “As an Airbnb host to multiple properties I have to say this is THE coolest idea.” Does this mean we’ll start seeing more AirBnbs with doggos running around?!


@leah_081992 said, “Told my husband we are going to Georgia.” And if he says no, sounds like you’re going solo and coming back with a friend. We don’t make the rules! The creator even said all the dogs are so well-behaved and that barking in the mornings and nights were never an issue. We love that!


Source: Pet Helpful


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