After losing electricity during a heat wave on Tuesday, the Franklin County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center in Colombus, Ohio, decided to ask the community for bags of ice to keep its rescue dogs cool as temperatures rose.

In a Facebook post, the shelter said that “We need your help. The power is out here at the shelter, and our pups need ice to keep cool in this blazing heat!” Hundreds of bags of ice were donated by dozens of dog lovers in a short period of time.

The Franklin County Dog Shelter’s many generous supporters made ice deliveries, whether by hand or via delivery apps from afar, to ensure that none of the shelter’s canines suffered from the heat.

Later that day, the shelter posted a message on Facebook thanking the animal lovers who stepped up to help. “You’re all amazing! The community donated hundreds of bags of ice to the shelter, and we now have peace of mind that our shelter pups will be cool tonight, with the supervision of our overnight staff. Thank you all!” Franklin County Dog Shelter shared their story.

An even more joyful update arrived on Wednesday morning, containing a photo of a lovely, smiling puppy named Umma. “Umma is thrilled to see the power back on at the shelter. Yesterday, we were truly inspired by the line of cars of selfless dog lovers willing to donate for the betterment of the shelter dogs,” said to post. 

Now that they have enough ice for the foreseeable future, the Franklin County Dog Shelter recommends that anybody interested in donating to the shelter look at its Amazon wishlist. The list includes beds, huge towels, peanut butter, kiddie pools, and other supplies that the shelter’s resident dogs require to stay happy and comfortable.