Unexpected life situations do happen occasionally. But fortunately, there are many courageous men and women who can support us during these trying times. One of the persons we frequently call when we’re in danger is a firefighter.

Firefighters are unsung heroes in the community who also provide aid to those in need.


Additionally, they occasionally assist needy animals.

One dog, in particular, was in a little bit of trouble. The large, 10-year-old Husky by the name of Jasper alarmed the Wells, Maine, neighborhood when he was found on a roof.



The very large dog was having problems going back inside after someway managing to crawl out the window and onto the roof.

The dog was nice and trapped on the rooftop, which was around 15 feet above, whether it was because the window was closed or because nobody was home to observe what he had done.


Neighbors grew concerned when they learned about this bizarre occurrence and notified the Wells Police, who subsequently dispatched the Wells Professional Firefighters Association.

The firefighters were able to determine that Jasper was actually in a pickle when they arrived.



The dog didn’t appear to be showing any symptoms of alarm though. For the most part, he appeared to be rather composed and happy.

“The call came in for a dog stuck on a roof. My first thought was on the roof of a car, but I didn’t exactly know what was going on,” said Captain Jeff Nawfel of the Wells Fire Department. “Myself and another firefighter who was there with me made the decision that we would ladder the building by ourselves and that we were going to put the dog inside.”


In the end, Captain Nawfel emerged as the protagonist. He ultimately had to use a ladder to reach the roof even though the team had packed a ladder truck.

When he arrived, he assisted the dog in using the window to enter the building again.



But hold on—things get better. Jasper was so appreciative of Captain Nawfel’s brave rescue that he actually expressed his gratitude to him in the cutest way possible, which has the internet in a frenzy.

The dog gave the firefighter a huge, sloppy, wet kiss of gratitude!


“Friendly dog. Kinda gave me a smooch on the way in the house and that was the end of it and I came down the ladder,” Nawfel said.

The kiss completely went viral after the fire department posted the tale to their Facebook page.



All throughout the world, news organizations were contacting Captain Nawfel for comment.

With all of the news that is released every day, it’s amazing how much a tiny article can agitate the internet.


“It floors me that, out of anything going on, this has gotten the attention that it has. It’s crazy. Absolutely crazy,” Nawfel said.

“You know there’s always the thought of the firemen going to rescue the cat out of the trees… it’s the ongoing thing. But a dog on the roof is a first.”



Jasper’s owners must be delighted that he is not only secure, but also well-known!

How wonderful to see this dog is secure. And he was so incredibly lovely in how he conveyed his gratitude.


Jasper’s safety makes us so happy, and his thank-you to his saviour is just too adorable. What a satisfying outcome all around.

Watch Jasper getting saved in the video down below!


Source: Spotlightstories.com


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