The Comeback Kids had the plan to nurse a two-week-old street kitten back to health so they could aid and find her a home. However, nothing was going according to plan until a cute husky intervened and helped the kitten recover.

Rosie, a little kitten, was refusing milk and was almost dead. She rejected the rescuers’ attempts to feed her continuously, every couple of hours. When a kind husky named Lilo became interested in the tiny cat, she was already fading away and on the verge of death.



In the hopes that the dog could somehow assist the kitten, Lilo and the kitten were placed together. But Lilo went above and beyond what was anticipated. She started taking care of the cat, giving Rosie lots of kisses and attention.

A few hours after their meeting, they attempted to give the kitten milk with Lilo’s care and attention. To the relief of the Comeback Kids, the kitten was now calmed by Lilo and prepared to accept her first meal from them.



Lilo was committed to caring for the little kitten and stayed by her side the entire time, not even to eat. The kitten and the adorable pup started getting quite close. Their unusual bond only grew stronger as the kitten got bigger.

Rosie’s life had now undoubtedly been spared by Lilo, who had now taken on the role of mother. Lilo allowed the cute cat to play with her and jump on her while they played together. They were unable to be separated and were obviously in love.



The Comeback Kids have a policy of adopting all the kittens they rescue. Simply put, there are too many cats to ever consider keeping any. However, they made an exception in the instance of Rosie because Lilo adopted the tiny cutie and was so devoted to her.

Now that they are adults, Lilo and Rosie work as a team. Rosie travels with Lilo everywhere, even kayaking, and behaves more like a dog than a cat. When out in the sea, the two even don matching shark life vests, yet they are more adorable.


The cat also uses a leash when strolling through the park, going on hikes with the owner, swimming, and enjoying road trips. These two view life as a wonderful journey that should be shared with one another. Please tell your loved ones and friends about their endearing friendship.


Source: Dogdispatch


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