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February 22, 2021by admin

Truly living up to being “man’s best friend”, there are numerous benefits of service dogs that help improve the quality of life of people with specific needs. They are specially trained to fulfill different tasks for their assigned owners and provide assistance to help them get through their daily lives.

Read on below for more information on how service dogs contribute significantly to their owners’ well-being – and actually devoting their lives to it.w


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For people who are blind or deaf, their service dogs function as their eyes and ears as they navigate their surroundings. Assistance dogs are extremely essential in ensuring that the outside world will be a safe space for their partners to be in. Guide dogs are trained to perform day-to-day tasks such as opening doors, pressing elevator buttons, fetching bags with medication, providing security when they’re outdoors, and calling for help in case their owner gets involved in an emergency.

Wheelchair-bound people can also be assisted by service dogs. Mobility service dogs assist their partners by picking up objects from the floor, switching on lights, and even helping them transfer from their wheelchair to the toilet or bed. These dogs provide increased mobility to their assigned humans, helping them to be more at ease with the environment they’re in.

Service dogs aren’t only for individuals with physical disabilities – seizure alert dogs can also be of great help to people with conditions such as epilepsy. Since patients with this illness are susceptible to unexpected seizures, guide dogs are essential in preventing injuries and calling for help should their owner suffer from one. They can also detect a seizure in advance so the patient can prepare and move to a safer location before it happens; they will touch their partner using their paw or put their head or nose on their partner’s lap as a signal.


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Post-traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is fairly common among veterans returning home from war. Emotionally, service dogs may be calming for them, as they give comfort when their owners are on the verge of having panic attacks. They also help alleviate social anxiety, assist their owners in returning to their regular jobs, lowers their dependence on prescription drugs, and fosters a more meaningful relationship with their loved ones. 

Additionally, the presence of guide dogs can boost their partner’s confidence and self-esteem. Although passers-by technically can’t engage with service dogs while on duty, this allows its owner to positively interact with others, albeit brief. 

Furthermore, people dealing with depression and anxiety tend to go into social isolation and experience random bouts of loneliness. Service dogs can bring comfort and healing to their owners who are in a dark place in their heads; they help keep their human partners’ minds away from stressful situations. The best emotional support dogs and service dogs are often seen as the ones who can encourage their partners to be sociable and inspired to be back to their usual selves again. These offer companionship like no other and can make their owners’ days a little bit brighter.

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There are certainly numerous benefits of service dogs to us humans. But while our canine partners protect us and make sure that our lifestyle needs are met, we must remember that they need to be taken care of, too. It is only through looking after their welfare as well that we can make our partnership with them more meaningful and worthwhile.

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