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February 17, 2021by admin

We know what you’re thinking: how could celebrity dogs be way ahead of most of us in the popularity department? Well, it must have a lot to do with their looks and irresistible charm. Judging by the way they are adored by so many people worldwide, it seems like being owned by prominent figures is just a bonus.

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In this article, we’ve listed down famous people and their dogs who are no strangers to the spotlight. We’re pretty sure you already know some if not all of them – from Queen Elizabeth’s Corgis to Paris Hilton’s fur babies. We got to warn you though: the following content may trigger the need to cuddle with your dogs!

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Let’s begin with a classic. The Breakfast at Tiffany’s star was very attached to her dog who was aptly named “Mr. Famous”. He tagged along with the actress wherever she went, and even had a short acting stint in Audrey’s 1957 movie Funny Face. Mr. Famous apparently started a Yorkshire Terrier trend in Hollywood at that time – talk about a mighty influence!

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When her chihuahua Tinkerbell passed away in 2015, the hotel heiress and socialite found comfort in being a fur parent once more to almost a dozen tiny doggies. Her pets are always the stars of the show in her social media posts – she is a fur mom to Mugsy the Pug, Marilyn Monroe the Pomeranian, Prada the Chihuahua, and a lot more dogs. Her fur babies have their own Instagram account, @hiltonpets, where their posh lives in their 2-story mansion (yes, you read that right) are very well-documented.

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Having been an owner of a Corgi since she was 10, the longest-reigning British monarch sure has a fondness for dogs. Her Majesty has owned at least 30 Corgis since she became Queen. On her 18th birthday, she was given another Corgi as a gift and she named her Susan. It is through Susan’s lineage that the Royal Family was able to breed more of these dogs for the next 80 years.

The Queen’s pups definitely live the royal life – they have a personal chef and each of them has their own quarters. Some of them were even able to accompany the Royal Family on their trips.

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As tough as he is being Captain America, Chris Evans also has a soft side – something that his dog Dodger can attest to. Dodger is a rescue dog that Evans adopted in 2016 while filming Gifted, and they have been inseparable ever since. Fans are always on the lookout for Chris’s Twitter updates about Dodger, such as when they reunite after long days of filming or simply when the two are goofing around.

Whether they are celebrity dogs or not, our canine friends undeniably make our lives a whole lot brighter. You don’t have to be a Hollywood A-lister to enjoy the perks of being a fur parent – your dog will love you just the way you are.

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