Pet lovers online are delighted by a cute video showcasing a small puppy’s enthusiastic endeavor to mimic their human friend. Millions of people have been moved by the video of Snowball, a few months old, trying to imitate his owner by saying “hello,” which nukkk123 published on TikTok.

The touching video of the Louisiana-based dog had received 4.5 million views as of the time of writing. Watch it right here.

@nukkk123 Its like my puppy tries to mock me 😂😂😂 #fyp #puppy #puppytalking #dogtalking ♬ original sound – Nuky💕

The expression it produced, niaafenn29 wrote. Bignastydekoyone said: “Ouch my heart,” while rubymary06 added: “I’m crying right now this is so funny.” Both people said: “So cute.”

Cantbeatspecialkaii answered, “My heart.” Why was that so adorable?

Leslie Serna dubbed the video the “cutest thing ever,” while JudyR1972 was floored by Snowball’s efforts to mimic his owner, writing: “He’s trying so hard to mimic you.” User 9930180042380 said: “I love watching this video,” and Cynthia Cass admitted: “I watch this several times a day!!

Additionally, Notorious Blinks LLC was seen “screaming” with joy at the video, while Isaiah.jabbour had one of the funniest comments, noting that “Bros mic was muted.”