Why would the life of an innocent animal be toyed with? This is a question that usually comes up whenever we come across dog rescue stories. It’s puzzling how some people have no regard for the lives of other living creatures such as dogs. Take the story of this mother dog for example…

On the side of the street, helpless and close to breathing her last breath — that was the state of this poor mother dog when they found her. For days, this mother dog dragged herself, along with her babies, to find a safe place to keep warm with the hopes of someone lending them a hand. They did, but help wasn’t given to all of them. 

The rescuers received a call from a local about a dog that was barely moving. They said that the dog used to have puppies, but as the days dragged on passersby took the puppies away from the mother dog thinking that she wouldn’t survive and it’s best to save the puppies. Berry, the mother dog couldn’t really do anything about it. She’s paralyzed due to the bullet that is lodged in her spine.

After her rescue, they took her to a vet clinic hoping that they could give her a second chance at life. She was given painkillers and some antibiotics. Upon assessment, the doctors said that the bullet severely damaged her spinal cord and this has affected her mobility. “Stiff as a tree branch” was how they described her legs. 

The state of this dog wasn’t good. Not only did she have to suffer from being paralyzed, but she also had mastitis and intestinal worms messing up her insides. 
dog rescue stories
We can only imagine the pain and stress this momma dog is going through. To top everything off, she also lost her puppies. Just like any mother, being separated from your children is one of the hardest things to go through.

The universe was truly testing this mother dog and her rescuers. They can’t seem to catch a break and everything was starting to look a bit grim for Berry. But her rescuers did not give up on her, they kept fighting for her survival even though it was hard for them to watch a sweet dog suffer through so many challenges. 

On her 5th day with them, her condition started to worsen. The blood infection and her current situation was threatening this poor momma dog’s life. Her current hospital couldn’t properly treat her, so they had to bring her all the way to Moscow in order to be taken care of. 

Just when they thought all hope was lost, in the hands of a skilled surgeon, Berry’s surgery went swimmingly! They managed to clean the pus and gangrene from her back and she’ll also be going through chemotherapy. Even though she’s not in her best state yet, this was good news.

Slowly, this momma dog started to build up an appetite for food and life. But once again, there was another hurdle that was thrown their way. They found out that Berry had a uterine disease and needed to go through sterilization first before undergoing chemotherapy.
mother dog rescue stories
These are overwhelming things for a human to deal with, what more a dog that does not fully understand what is going on? It’s so important to stand by their side and help them feel safe throughout the entire process of healing, just like you would for a friend or family member. Dogs like Berry are in need of so much care and compassion. We always hope that there are people out there always willing and ready to help dogs anywhere in the world.

As days passed, Berry progressed in her healing journey. She finally was able to stand on her own, despite her hind legs being paralyzed. Her rescuers have said that she escaped the hands of death and was given a second chance at life! They couldn’t have been happier. For a moment there, all hope seemed to have been lost.

After 150 days of intense care, Berry is finally able to go out and socialize with other dogs. Her rescuers plan on getting her a custom wheelchair to make it easier for her to move around. Nothing will be able to stop her, not even paralyzed hind legs. Talk about a strong will. 
animal rescue stories
This dog rescue story is proof that a dog will continue to fight when someone is there fighting alongside them. 

If you want to follow Berry’s story, check out the video below.

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