Dog WellnessKibble, Raw, or Table Scraps: What’s the Best Dog Food to Feed Your Dog?

March 25, 2021by admin

Every time your dog smells the aroma of its doggie bowl about to be served, it would start wagging its tail in excitement and start making short work of their food. But as a dog parent, are you aware of the food that you’re serving to your four-legged friend? While most pooches can maintain optimal health through several diets, first-time owners either stick to dog food or human food diet. So, what’s the best dog food to feed your dog?

It is certainly acceptable to keep your dogs on a dry, kibble diet, but an alternative option would be to feed them certain types of raw meat (fish, pork, turkey, or chicken), or even table leftovers from last night’s dinner. Have you ever thought of which one is the better option for your lovely pooch? This article dives into the ins-and-outs between kibble food and table scraps.

Dog Kibble Dog Food

Let’s Start with a Kibble Diet

A kibble diet is commercially-prepared and is most certainly available in every dog shop in the world, making it the most accessible option for dog owners. Despite this advantage, kibble food ingredients vary by brand— and as such, most dry dog foods have highly processed components and are high in preservatives.

If you choose a pure kibble diet for your pooch, we recommend reading the label and making sure that protein is the primary ingredient listed in the food. These components mostly come from processed lamb, beef, or chicken.

Raw Diet Dog Food

Dog parents advocating for a raw diet claim that since dogs are descendants of wolves, their primary source of food should come from organic meat. However, this claim isn’t 100% true since dogs have adapted to survive on a kibble diet while wolves can’t. If you decide to incorporate raw meat into your dog’s diet for additional energy or better skin, make sure to be aware of the risks associated with it.

Some risks include the possibility of nutritional deficiencies (doggies should have a balanced diet as well), or the development of salmonella bacteria in their stomachs. For a more in-depth look into the raw meat diet, check this article.

Table scraps Dog Food

Can I Feed Table Scraps to my Dog Instead?

Now that you’ve made it to this part of the article, you would notice that the foods dogs can eat can vary depending on their overall makeup and your instinctive preference as an owner. Another looming question is, “Can I feed my leftovers to my dog?

By default, table scraps aren’t recommended at all because they can cause your pet’s diet to go haywire. Instead, you can occasionally hand out healthy treats, like lean cooked turkey, boneless fish, or vegetable bits, to your dogs as a reward! Always ensure that your treats are low in calories, fat, and sodium so your dogs can enjoy them while maintaining their health at 100%.

Dog Food

The Final Verdict: Which One Is Better?

What’s the best dog food to feed your dog? The answer is simple: there isn’t any “best” dog food. Ultimately, it all boils down to your dog’s breed, your personal preferences, and whichever diet works best to fulfill your pup’s daily nutritional requirements. If you’re not certain about which diet to try out, always consult a reputable vet!

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