Surveyor Mati Lillo has been working in a rural area in southern Chile for the past three weeks, measuring the land and drawing maps. Although the work can sometimes feel lonely, Lillo soon realized he wasn’t alone there.

It turns out that there is another employee there.


Recently, as Lillo traveled along a sand-filled dirt road for his daily activities, he spotted a herd of sheep rambling about in the distance. However, this was far from an aimless herd of wooly grazers.

A closer inspection showed the sheep’s daring leader, a lovely small dog who obviously serves as the flock’s guardian and navigator.



“Obviously, he is a very skillful pup,” Lillo told The Dodo.

Lillo saw just how true that statement really is.


The tiny dog started directing the sheep in his direction as Lillo watched. The flock, however, appeared frightened of the stranger who was about to cross their path.

The dog approached Lillo after observing the sheep stalling because of him, turning to him and motioning as if to beg Lillo to move out of the path.

Lillo understood what the dog was trying to say:

@mtslillo Un día cualquiera, con un perrito cualquiera jajaja #valdivia #ovejeros #topografia ♬ sonido original – Matías lillo iglesias


Lillo was naturally moved by the pup’s capacity for self-expression and was pleased to make accommodations for him and the flock. Call it a gesture of respect between two diligent workers.

Lillo remarked, “My mother taught me to treat animals with kindness and love them in all their forms. “Just like people, animals express themselves. It’s up to us to recognize and value that.


Source: The Dodo

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