Summer is here and it’s time to have fun with your pup! With the summer heat, water-based activities are an excellent way to cool off and have some fun. Whether you’re looking for activities at the beach, lake, pool, or even your own backyard, there are plenty of ways to make a splash with your pup this summer.

One great way to get everyone involved in water play is by using water guns. Even though your pup can’t hold a super soaker, they’ll still love chasing after the stream of water and playing tug-of-war with their favorite toy. You can also use sprinklers or hoses to create a mini water park in your own backyard. Rotating lawn sprinklers can really turn up the fun level for your pup and help them cool off on hot days.

If you’re looking for more structured activities for your pup that involve water, try stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking or canoeing. Not only will these activities provide exercise but they’ll also give you quality bonding time with your pup as well!

For those pups who don’t like getting wet or need some extra encouragement around water, start by introducing them to shallow waters first. Let them explore and sniff around before attempting deeper waters. You can also practice impulse control games such as fetching toys from the shallow end of the pool or teaching them how to swim safely.

No matter what type of activity you choose this summer season, always remember safety first! Make sure that all swimming sessions are supervised and that you have appropriate life jackets for both yourself and your pup if needed. Additionally, be mindful of any signs of fatigue or overheating from either yourself or your pet during any outdoor activity – it’s important to take breaks when needed!

So this summer season don’t forget to make a splash with your pup – there are plenty of ways to stay cool while having fun together!

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