When Jen and Roman McConn arrived at the roadside spot they had heard about, they weren’t sure what they would discover. Two abandoned canines were featured in a Facebook post that the neighborhood dog rescuers saw. The McConns prayed that the couple had already located safety. However, their dreams were dashed when they saw a mother and puppy cuddling on a chilly piece of cement out the car window.

The Project Freedom Ride owners, the McConns, wasn’t sure how the dogs would behave when they approached the small family. Sadly, the mother was slow to show her affection because stray dogs don’t always welcome human intervention.



“It was amazing,” Jen McConn told The Dodo. “It was like she immediately knew they were safe.”

After contacting animal control, the McConns were given permission to bring the dogs to their aid. Another local dog advocate, Becky McArdle, assisted in setting up a visit with her doctor. Everyone was astounded when the pair, who had only experienced minor illnesses during their time alone, was given a diagnosis that was mainly favorable.



The canines, now known as Milo and Mina, were placed with a foster after going to the vet. Milo and Mina relaxed their guard after taking a shower and enjoying the comfort of a home.

“They weren’t as fond of the baths, but I think they knew it was the beginning of a better life,” McConn said. “After bath time, they immediately came to life. Rolling around, playing, giving love, tons of tail wags. It was great. I think Mina felt like she could finally relax. She didn’t need to protect Milo anymore.”



Up until the beginning of March, Milo and Mina will reside with their foster family before beginning their search for their forever homes.

The two-dog family remained together despite the most trying situations, taking solace in one other’s arms. Now, mother and puppy need to hug when they’re happy. From here, it’s just pets and playtime.


Source: The Dodo

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