A shelter is no place for a dog to spend his or her life, but unfortunately, there are hundreds of thousands of dogs all over the world who face this bleak fate.

Luckily, for these 45 dogs (and a grey wolf), they no longer have to live life cooped up in a shelter, all thanks to Mark Starmer and his wife Sharon.

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Many shelter dogs are often overlooked because of their old age or health issues, so Mark and Sharon make it their job to seek these pups out and adopt them. The couple gives them a second chance at life that nobody else would. They adopted their first dog back in 2004 and haven’t stopped since.


Fast forward to today, and the Starmers have 45 rescue dogs, including a grey wolf, who get to roam free on their four-acre property in British Columbia, Canada.

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In the video below, you’ll see Mark open the gate, followed by an ecstatic stampede of his dogs, running out onto the property. While they love to run and play outside, they still have the luxury of relaxing inside of the Starmers’ home with them. These dogs are certainly spoiled and very loved!

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Their pack includes a rescued grey wolf, a Portuguese Water Dog, a Shar-Pei, two Poodles, four St. Bernards, and 10 Siberian Huskies, among many other breeds.

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You can follow their adventures on Mark’s Instagram.



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