Many pet owners would freak out if they witnessed their animal pal frolicking in the hot tub, but Price Frederick’s human mom just sat back and saw him swim—at his wish, of course! The spirited little dachshund enjoys taking a soak in the hot tub in the family’s backyard, but his mother is constantly there to keep an eye on him. Even yet, his swimming prowess is quite remarkable.

This adorable puppy from @dachshundsofnarrabeen is definitely a better swimmer than we are. He jumps back in for another lap around the tub just as his mother is about to call it a day.

@dachshundsofnarrabeen Prince Fredrick constantly pretends he wants to get out and then jumps straight back in … #dachshund #dachshundaddict #doglover #shorthaireddachshund #swimmingdachshund #swimmingdogsoftiktok #spalife #cutedog #dogsoftiktok ♬ Benny Hill – Générique de la série TV / Main theme – The Edwin Davids Jazz Band



What a little water baby! We love how Frederick fakes out his mom by coming to the edge just to push himself off again and again. Clearly, he’s having fun with it! 

“Great now I have to spend thousands on a hot tub for my dog,” commented @laur_ef. Well, you certainly could! Prince Frederick’s parents replied, “we do get in occasionally,” but we all know who the hot tub really belongs to. 


Viewer @mollypolly2020 gave us a hilarious glimpse into Frederick’s mind with her comment: “‘Mum come watch me.'” We think that’s exactly what he wanted! Why else would he have been waiting at the edge for his mom to come by if he didn’t want help getting out?

“The dramatic jump back into the water” was also a favorite of @lemonbarcoconutgirl18’s. She called it “so adorable,” and we can’t help but agree. Who could resist an aquatic pup like this guy?


Source: Pet Helpful


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