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October 13, 2021by admin

There are probably over a thousand podcasts (and counting) on the Internet right now. So it just makes sense that there are lots of podcasts about dogs there. They come in different formats and focus; some have formal interviews with breeders and trainers, while others have casual conversations with friends and fellow owners about fashion, treats, and more. Unlike traditional talk shows (and even YouTube videos to an extent), you can listen to these podcasts anytime you want, anywhere you go, and whatever you are doing.

If you are looking on to get in on the doggy pods but don’t know where to start, we’ve made a list for you. Here are fifteen free dog podcasts you should definitely listen to this year:

1. Shaped by Dog with Susan Garrett

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Shaped by Dog with Susan Garrett

World-renowned dog trainer and leading canine educator Susie Garett shares everything you need to know about dogs in this weekly podcast (focusing on innovative ‘game-based positive reinforcement training systems and education). She is an expert in dog behavior and her goal is to expand the knowledge and understanding for people around the world on what dogs need to be happy, healthy, and lifelong members of their families.

2. School For The Dogs Podcast – Dog Training & Animal Behavior with Annie Grossman

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School For The Dogs Podcast Dog Training Animal Behavior with Annie Grossman

Annie Grossman from School For The Dogs in NYC hosts this weekly podcast. Grossman does not just answer dog training questions, she also breaks down myths, animal behavior, and pet trends with various industry experts. This podcast encourages dog owners to learn and apply basic behavioral sciences and methods to better train pets without using pain or force.

3. Creating Great Grooming Dogs

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Creating Great Grooming Dogs

Dog grooming is a serious and lucrative business. If you want to get in on this industry, check out the Creating Great Grooming Dogs podcast. They will give you tips and tricks on how to teach your dogs to be great for grooming. They also teach other types of dog handling for health and comfort. This show is perfect for groomers, trainers, owners, and other pet professionals.

4. All The Good Dogs

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All The Good Dogs

If you are a fan of good dogs, then you must listen to the All The Good Dogs podcast. This show is hosted by Kate and she talks to dog owners, dog lovers, and dog experts about dog stories, dogs in pop culture, and everything imaginable about dogs.

5. Dog Save The People

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Dog Save The People focuses on heartwarming stories about people and their dogs. It is hosted by John Bartlett, a Harvard University alum and a CFDA award-winning fashion designer. He created a specialty line of dog-themed apparel and accessories to support his “Tiny Tim Rescue Fund” (named after his three-legged rescue dog). Bartlett has worked alongside the Humane Society of the United States and other animal rights organizations to raise awareness and compassion for dogs and all animals.

6. Discover Your Dog

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Discover Your Dog

Discover Your Dog demystifies your dog’s behavior so you can get the best training results. It is hosted by expert trainer Bennie Copeland and he teaches listeners hacks on how to communicate with your dog. He is joined by co-host Devin Best, and they engage in lively discussions about training techniques and methods as well as real dog stories.

7. The Zetty and Indy Show

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The Zetty and Indy Show

The Zetty and Indy Show is a comedic podcast from the perspective of two dogs. They talk about the things they love, the things they hate, and the annoying stuff humans do to their dogs. Each episode covers all things mutt. They even bring on some guest dog speakers and even a human friend or two from time to time.

8. It’s A Doggy Dog World by Pet Life Radio

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Its A Doggy Dog World

It’s a doggy dog world…and we’re all just living in it. This podcast is hosted by Liz Palika with co-hosts Petra Burke and Kate Abbott from Kindred Spirits Canine Education Center in Vista, California. They cover all sorts of topics; from non-competitive agility and flyball to trick training and therapy dog volunteer work. Listeners will also learn about breed information, selection, training, proper care, and grooming.

9. The Bitey End of the Dog

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The Bitey End of the Dog

Some dog podcasts have really specific themes, and we thank them for it. The Bitey End of the Dog is a show dedicated to helping dogs with aggression issues. Host Michael Shikashio CDBC interviews various experts from around the world to discover the answers to all your questions concerning ‘bad dogs.’

10. Bewitching Bitches: Get Dog Wise

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Bewitching Bitches Get Dog Wise

Friends Rikki and Eryn started this podcast out of their love and passion for everything dog. They explore every topic; from why your dog humps and why my dog barks to how to train a deaf dog. Their episodes are fun and bite-sized; you can listen to them while cooking dinner, driving to work, running errands, or walking your dog.

11. Bad Dog Agility

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Bad Dog Agility

Sarah, Jennifer, and Esteban from Bad Dog Agility Academy created a podcast to help you reach your competitive sports goals. To date, they have helped hundreds of agility handlers, enthusiasts, and beginners with helpful training and handling tips. You can also sign up for their online courses if you are interested in advanced training.

12. The Puppy Training Podcast

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The Puppy Podcast

Taking care of a puppy for the first time is not easy — it’s like having a new baby. The Puppy Training Podcast hails all the way from the UK. It chronicles one family’s journey in taking on a new puppy. It’s fun, educational, and guests can call and chat with the hosts.

13. Have Dog Will Travel on Pet Life Radio

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Have Dog Will Travel

Here’s another podcast for dog lovers who want to take their dogs on road trips. Join Have Dog, Will Travel hosts Kristi Von and Josh Henry as they share travel tips and visit dog-friendly establishments across America.

14. Dog in the Spotlight

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Dog in the Spotlight

Dog in the Spotlight highlights different dog breeds every week. Host George Sainsbury breaks down the Breed of the Week’s temperament, history, health, and compatibility. He also interviews people with first-hand knowledge and experience to help you decide what kind of dog to get.

15. All Things Pups with Kaelin Munkelwitz

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All Things Pups with Kaelin Munkelwitz

All Things Pups is hosted by celebrity dog trainer and author, Kaelin Munkelwitz. Munkelwitz has over 10 years and thousands of hours of dog training experience. Her goal is to impart expert tips on how you can raise and train your dream doggy.

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